May attend EU Council Summit at Brussels



Brexit beyond 29 March


British Prime Minister Theresa May has welcomed the EU decision to postpone Brexit beyond 29th March.

The UK will be offered a delay until 22nd May, if MPs approve the withdrawal deal negotiated with the EU next week.

In a press conference along with European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, European Council President Donald Tusk said that British Prime Minister Theresa May has accepted the offer from EU.

Theresa May is attending the crucial European Council summit at Brussels. At the meeting, Ms May will put her case before European Union leaders for an extension to the Brexit withdrawal process till 30th of June.

Talking to reporters ahead of the summit, the Prime Minister said, a short extension would give British Parliament time to make a final choice that delivers on the result of the referendum. She said, what matters is that they recognize that Brexit is the decision of the British people and they deliver on the vote of the people.

Last night Ms May had said, she regretted having to seek the delay and blamed lawmakers for failing to implement the result of the 2016 referendum.

Ms May refused to rule out taking Britain out of the European Union without a deal in eight days’ time. She however continued to pressure British lawmakers into supporting her withdrawal Agreement next week which they have rejected twice.

The UK could still crash out of the EU without a deal in eight days if British Prime Minister and the EU can’t agree a delay.

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