Morning bullet news brief


Sagar media inc

Swedish State TV’s news reporter an openly anti-Semitic hijab-wearing.

Islamist Israeli military is bombing sites in Gaza.

Haryanvi dancer, singer Sapna Chaudhary joins Congress contest Mathura LS poll.

Polls open in first Thai election since 2014 coup

Nearly 70% of Chinese who have bought an electric car regret it Russia claims it has built an army of KILLER ROBOTS including self-driving tanks

Sagar media inc

Pakistan: “Instead of war we should focus on education and health.”

Mahagadhbandan cracks Congress Chief Rahul Gandhi hit out at WB CM Mamata Banerjee over her failure to carry out development in West Bengal.

Political activity across country filing of nominations,1st phase of Lok Sabha Polls ends 2morrow.

German police arrest 10 people on suspicion of planning Islamist attack Men had plotted to “kill as many ‘non-believers’ as possible” using a vehicle and guns.

Sagar media inc
IS find no fresher in their terror camp
Hot air balloon festival held in Hamilton, New Zealand
Two ships, including a cruise ship with 1,300 passengers aboard, are being tossed around by choppy seas near Norway after both boats had engine trouble:



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