Convention on Employment and Workers’ Rights

Convention on Employment and Workers’ Rights

April 7, 2019 : INDORE, M.P.


Dear Saathi

          Namaskar !

          As you know, Employment and Livelihood are issues which are intensified enormously to an unprecedented scale over last few years. During 2017-18, unemployment is known to have reached the highest percentage ever, in India. The multiple facets of each are now exposed to be the destruction of natural resources as sources of livelihood on one hand and mechanisation to unruly behaviour of the corporates on the other. An intense pondering over these and working out not just solutions but also strategies is a must and urgent.

          The situation in Madhya Pradesh, in the industrial estates/areas as well as the rural communities is worsened as the workers’ struggle was never responded to during the previous rule of the BJP government over last 15 years. Now that the new Congress government has started a dialogue, there is need for concrete suggestions and finding ways out to protect and enhance sources of existing employment and livelihoods and create new opportunities. The contract labour system to closing down or transfer of mills and Industries need to be reviewed and workers’ rights-legal to human-asserted and attained. MNREGA is to be saved and its execution furthered with budget to be increased but that is not all for huge unemployed force of the displaced and retrenched.

          In this context, we, the Shramik Janata Sangh, a newly established union, affiliated to Hind Mazdoor Sabha at the national level and Narmada Bachao Andolan, a people’s movement with roots among agro-communities, have decided to organise a ONE DAY CONVENTION on ‘Employment and Workers’ Rights’ on April 7th from 11 am to 5 pm in Indore. (Venue to be conveyed soon)

          This initiative is supported by trade unionists, many farmers, industrial workers, labourers as also the researchers, academicians, intellectuals, technocrats and others. They will participate in the programme which, we hope, will witness in depth discussions and bring out solutions. The report may also be a contribution to the formulation of social and economic discourse along with a political agenda for the upcoming election.

          Some of the chief guests for the Convention are to be Harbhajansingh Sidhu, General Secretary HMS; Avdesh Sharma, Joint Secretary National Association of Textiles; Chinmay Mishra, expert of Khadi and textiles; and Anand Mohan Mathurji, former Advocate General.

          We earnestly invite you to participate and contribute to this dialogue and enrich the same.

          We await your confirmation at the earliest as we are already late in sending this invitation and would like to receive you with all readiness and finalise the session plan, which will follow this letter. Outsiders may kindly send us their itinerary too.

          Expecting a positive response,

Yours Sincerely,

Rajkumar Dubey     Sanjay Chauhan       Sukhendra Madaiya      Sushant Ranbir     Jyoti Bhadane     Sushil Vishwakarma     Wahid Mansuri      Kamla Yadav    Jagdish Patel           Medha Patkar

                                                                           (SJS and NBA)


Hariom Suryavanshi           Ramswaroop Mantri  

(Hind Mazdoor Sabha)        (Socialist Forum)

Contact : Shyam Bhadane                           Saurav Rajput

                 9713795095                                 8287509616

Note: Venue in Indore, (M.P.) will be conveyed to you at the earliest before 27th of March.

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