British MPs to vote on Brexit

Brexit: British parliament to vote on series of proposals called indicative vote today to pave the way for #Brexit , PM @theresa_may says she is not bound by MPs vote. Brexit chaos continues and May faces 20 ministerial resignations if they are not allowed free vote on solving Brexit mess.

Theresa May addresses Tory MPs on Wednesday, as speculation swirls that she could announce a date for her resignation as PM in a last-ditch bid to get her Brexit deal passed at a third attempt. A crisis of her own making?

Aides to British Prime Minister Theresa May are discussing a timetable for her to resign but could delay the announcement of her intention to quit until after a third vote by parliament on her Brexit plan, the Financial Times said. “May might not announ…

British MPs will on Wednesday hold votes on various Brexit options even as Prime Minister Theresa May comes under pressure to announce a departure plan to get support for her unpopular divorce deal.

Three years after a referendum in which Britain voted to leave the European Union, the country is gripped by painful uncertainty over how — or even whether — it should put an end to its 46-year membership.

May’s deal negotiated with Brussels has already been voted down overwhelmingly by parliament twice but the government is widely expected to present it for a third time on Thursday to ensure an orderly Brexit.

EU leaders said Britain could leave the EU on May 22 if the deal is adopted this week, or face a potential no-deal Brexit as early as April 12.

In a bid to find Brexit alternatives, lawmakers took the unprecedented step on Monday of seizing control of Wednesday’s parliamentary business.

MPs will hold a series of “indicative votes” — indicating their preferences on a piece of paper — for different Brexit outcomes, although May is not legally bound to follow their instructions.

The proposals put forward include a customs union with the EU, remaining in the single market, holding a second referendum or stopping Brexit by revoking Article 50 — the formal notification for departure.

The alternatives that will actually be voted on will be selected by speaker John Bercow on Wednesday and voting will take place at around 1900 GMT with the results expected at around 2100 GMT.

Time has been set aside next Monday to try and whittle down the most popular options to a final plan.

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