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15537556945291309477986IPR, Clean Energy & Reversing GHG Emissions to 1990 Level

March27, 2019 (C) Ravinder Singhravindersinvent@gmail.com

Primary Energy consumption in USA was 1950 mtoe in 1991 and 2235 mtoe in 2017 which is 14.6% growth in 27 years, in the same periodIndia’s PE consumption growth was205.8 mtoe to 753.7 mtoe – Growth of 266%.

Consumption of Coal in USA in 1991 was 478.8 mtoe and declined to 332.1 mtoe – 15% of PE in 2017 – India figures are 116.2 mtoe and 424.0 mtoe – 56% of PE & 265% growth. India persistently relied on MOST POLLUTING FUEL – COAL which in India is of poor quality – Very High Ash and Sulfur content.

Both Energy Efficient MEGA Inventions and Technologies wereOffered to GOI in 1975, 1978, 1983, 1990 – better Planning to Reduce ENERGY CONSUMPTION & GHG EMISSIONS were routinely offered all the time, Patents are DENIED, STOLEN & NOT FUNDED. SOLAR WATER HEATERS ALONE WERE TO SAVE $1000b WORTH FUELS.

Though India itself is Most Populous Country after China – PATENTED INVENTIONS ARE GLOBAL TECHNOLOGIES – Commercialization of Energy Technologies Has Each $Trillions GLOBAL IMPACT.


President ZAIL SINGH & RAJIV GANDHI were Promoting Zail Singh’s Nephew in 1983 who was awarded contract to Install 700 M3 Solar Water Heater System at ASHOK HOTEL – which was NEVER MADE FUNCTIONAL IN YEARS – I was introduced to him – but it was Maheshwar Dayal of Ministry of S&T and Dr. Sootha of DST in charge of Renewables.

Solar Water Heaters are FOUR Times more Efficient in capturing Solar Energy than SolarPV. But in 1990 during USAID-IREDA-IIT Renewal Energy Training in 1990 in Delhi Found None of 16 Solar Energy Devices at IIT was working and on visit to at SOLAR ENERGY CENTER – found Two Solar Water Heaters were facing East than South.

Since Sam Pitroda who filed BOGUS PATENTS was advising Rajiv Gandhi, PMs as Advisors – China Patent filings had gone up 1000 Times, India Emissions SIX Time.

India, though INVITED to EXPO’85 World Exhibition of Young Inventors, didn’t accept the Invitation when SAM PITRODA was advising PM – For fear of getting EXPOSED he advised RAJIV GANDHI against India participation in EXPO’85 – WHERE INDIA WAS TO HAVE ITS OWN PAVALION and PATENTED EXHIBITS. Since 1981 had written repeatedly CSIR DST NRDC are INDULGING IN BOGUS RESEARCH Wasting $10b of Public Money Every Year.

I wrote three times to PM & President – I had Acquired SIX Patents in 1985 – My Passport was delayed by 14 days – Even though INVITED By WIPO Organizers who Provided 100% Expenses – I told Chief Passport Officer – ‘People Pay Rs.200 and get Passport in 2 hours – I am invited by WIPO to EXPO’85 my passport is deliberately delayed – He ordered 6 months Entry Clearance and 5 Year Passport Validity – When I got the Passport 15th day was for One Month Entry Clearance and 6 months Validity’.

Though Primary Energyconsumption in India is only 5.6% of the World but GHG Emissions are7%+ for 3% GDP and 2.4% Land Area. India’s Coal Consumption is 11.4% of the world. Power generation world share of India is 5.9%. [BP 2018 Data]

In 2017 out of 1497 BU of Electricity Generation 1141.4 BU, 75.5 BU, and 10.3 BU are contributed by Coal, Gas and Oil respectively = 1227.2 BU or 82% Electricity Generated from fossil fuels – Coal Fired Power Generation contributed 75.2%.

Utility Coal Fired Power Installed capacity in March2006 was 68,518 MW almost tripled to 191,092 MW + 6260 MW from Lignite as on Feb2019. March2006 monthly generation was 46.316 BU to 81.24 BU in Feb2019.


India Overtaking China as the World’s Largest Emitter of Anthropogenic Sulfur Dioxide

India can reverse GHG Emissions to 1991 Level by Switching to CLEAN ENERGY, ENERGY EFFICIENCY in all sectors of Economy.

1.  200,000 MW Multipurpose Hydro Power with storages,

2.  500,000 MW SolarPV Rooftops & 100 KW to 1000 KW Farm Solar,

3.  100,000 MW Coastal Nuclear Power,

4.  Energy Efficiency – Transmission, Lighting, Fans, Motors, Pumps,

5.  Efficient Transport – Triple Railway Throughput, Electric Public Transport,

6.  50,000 MW Biomass Power & Food Processing,

7.  Solar Heating and Air-conditioning,

8.  Biomass and Solar Cook Stoves,

9.  Efficient WATER SUPPLY Installations, and



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