Taiwan seek US arms

20181014_182210Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen has asked the United States for arms sales to counter military pressure from China.

Tsai visited Hawaii on Wednesday where she took part via Internet videolink in an event hosted by the conservative think tank Heritage Foundation in Washington.

Tsai accused China of heightening military tension, limiting Taiwan’s international activities and using every opportunity to change the status quo.

Chinese President Xi Jinping maintains that the “one country, two systems” would be best for integrating Taiwan.
Tsai has rejected the idea, saying that developments in Hong Kong show “one country, two systems” will just become one country.

She stressed the need for cooperation from the US administration of President Donald Trump through the sales of F-16 fighter jets to Taiwan.

Some US lawmakers at the event voiced support for Taiwan.

Taiwan’s presidents have made stopovers in the US, but China has asked the US not to allow them as they violate its One China Principle.

Tsai took part in the event in Washington from her stopover in Hawaii and made public appeals for Taiwan. She also visited Hawaii’s state facility.

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