WOW chaos flights cancelled


15538266518611513069319WOW Air abruptly closed up sh1op on Thursday, stranding thousands of passengers including Canadians across Europe and North America.

Wow made statement on its website, the airline said it has ceased operations, and as a result “all WOW Air flights have been cancelled.

WOW Air rival Icelandair is trying to scoop up some of those stranded travellers by offering a seat on any of their flights, where available, for a discounted price.
Founded in 2011 by entrepreneur Skuli Mogensen,

WOW Air offered ultra-cheap flights between Europe and North America, often for as little as $99 before fees and taxes.

Every flight began or ended in the Icelandic capital of Reykjavik, which helped spur a tourism boom in the country as passengers took layovers in the island nation on their way between the two continents. All in all, the airline flew roughly 3.5 million people last year.

According to aviation tracking service Air Fleets Inc.WOW had about a dozen jets in service, with another five in storage that it planned to use on expanded routes.

All of WOW’s planes are made by Airbus.

The airline had 27 flights scheduled to take off on Thursday. All are grounded, stranding roughly 2,700 people.

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