Foreign Trade to GDP Declined 44.4% to 28.4% Job Losses


March28, 2019 (C) Ravinder

Obviously we all knew India’s Foreign Trade is STAGNANT for 5-6 years but pin point data was revealed in RBI data of Foreign Trade to GDP ratio in Balance of Payment Statement declined from 44.4% of GDP in FY2011-12 to 42.3% in FY2013-14 to29.9% in FY2017-18 and around28.4% in FY2018-19.

For every $1000b Indian GDP in 2011-12 there were $170b Exports and $274b Imports creating jobs inProduction and Exporting goods and in Imports contributing to jobs in Packing, Marketing and Distribution.But in current FY2018-19 Foreign Trade figures per $1000b decline, are $114b and $170b.

10-11 Cr Population Growth Since 2011-12 – No New Jobs in Foreign Trade

Stagnant Exports & Imports means when Population of India increased by 100m to 110m in Six Year –THERE WAS NO FOREIGN TRADE RELATED JOB CREATION which are largely Low Value Addition Goods Employing Crores of Population.

This was in addition to Job Losses in 5 Years due to –

1.  Impact of Demonetization on Small & Micro Enterprises,

2.  Raid Culture & Quadrupling of NPAs,

3.  Stagnant Bank Credit to Industries,

4.  Sale of Non-Performing Funded By Banks Second Time,

5.  Almost all Projects Promoted By Government Failed to Take Off – Bullet Train or Dedicated Freight Corridor, Ganga Cleaning or Water Ways,

6.  Airlines, Telecom, Power, Railways, Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, Textiles, Logistics, and Healthcare Sector Companies are reporting Losses.

7.  ZERO IPR Creation,

I noticed Inner Lid type of Pressure Cooker we had in 1967 was robust but in fixing or removing the lid it used to ‘Dip in Foods’ – in 1978 filed Patent for ‘Clip On Pressure Cooker’,PRESTIGE adopted Similar Technology after 50 Years.

In 1679, French physicist Denis Papin, better known for his studies on steam,invented the steam digester in an attempt to reduce the cooking time of food. – In 1864, Georg Gutbrod of Stuttgart began manufacturing pressure cookers made of tinned cast iron. – In 1918, Spain granted a patent for the pressure cooker to Jose Alix Martínez from Zaragoza. Martínez named it the olla exprés, literally “express cooking pot”, under patent number 71143. 80% Indians Don’t Use Pressure Cookers even today.

In 2011 around March I told RIL – ‘You Have So Much Money to FUND 100,000 Technologies and be First $1000b Company’ – It engaged CSIR JUNK realized nothing.


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