Tunis Arab Summit 2019

Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani quit the meeting “after attending the opening ceremony”, it said, with no further details.

A Tunisian official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the Qatari leader had walked out during the speech of League Secretary General Ahmed Aboul Gheit, and “has left Tunisia”.

Qatar is at the centre of a bitter Gulf standoff since June 2017, when Saudi Arabia along with the United Arab Emirates, Egypt and Bahrain severed ties with Doha.

The Saudi-led bloc accuses Doha of supporting extremist groups and being too close to Iran, charges Qatar denies.

Today European Union, African Union, Arab League and United Nations met to discuss the #Libya situation in Tunis. The national conference of #Gadames is a great opportunity for Libyan people to decide their future. #ArabSummit

King Salman: The Iranian hostile politics are a brazen violation to all international agreements and norms, and the international community must take responsibility confronting it and stop the Iranian Regimes support for terrorisism.

 #Arab_Summit The draft of the final statement of the summit supports Syria’s right to restore the Golan Heights

Delegate of Tunisia to the Arab League, Ambassador Najib Al-Munif, stressed his counqtry’s perseverance to use its comprehensive possible to lead to the unification of the Arab peoples.This came in the course of Al-Munif’s speech on Wednesday immediately after acquiring, from his Saudi counterpart Osama Al-Naqli, (agent of the preceding presidency of the Arab League summit) the presidency of the preparatory conference of delegates and senior officers of the conference of Arab foreign ministers in preparing for the Council of the Arab League at the amount of the summit scheduled on 31 March.Al-Munif expressed his country’s hope that the Arab League Summit will contribute to new hopes that will reply to the aspirations of the Arab peoples and countries, in recognition of their reputable right to offer the Arab citizen with a dignified existence in stability and stability.Read: HRW calls on Tunisia to arrest Sudan’s Bashir at Arab LeagueAl-Munif claimed that the Arab country is struggling with, at this delicate stage, good problems influencing the existing and long run generations of its folks. He pressured Tunisia’s perseverance, all through its presidency of the Arab Summit, to harness all its abilities in cooperation with Arab brothers to proceed serving Arab challenges and add to unifying the Arab peoples.The official stated that the merchandise mentioned on the agenda of the delegates’ meeting include a range of important troubles that intention at even more strengthening and applying the elements of cooperative Arab action, dealing with the major problems in the area, foremost of which is the Palestinian bring about, supporting the Palestinian people’s wrestle and steadfastness to establish their completely impartial and sovereign condition with Jerusalem as its capital, along with the predicament in Libya, Yemen, Syria and Iraq, retaining the Arab nationwide safety, combating terrorism, building the Arab League, as properly as addressing economic and social concerns.  source MIM

Tunisian president, Mohammed Beji Caid Essebsi, dubbed the event the “summit of solidarity and determination” – a befitting description for a gathering of Arab leaders that displayed much rhetorical solidarity and theoretical determination and little else.

The leaders adopted a dozen and a half resolutions that are bound to be forgotten tomorrow. They made no consequential decisions on any urgent challenge facing the Arab world today; not the war in Syria, not the humanitarian disaster in Yemen, not Libya’s failed state, and certainly not on the conflict with Israel.

The bar was so low that Iraq was congratulated during the summit for merely setting up a government, and paralysed Algeria was asked to help war-crippled Libya get back on its feet. The league completely also ignored the Gulf crisis at the behest of Saudi Arabia.

As expected, the summiteers rejected US President Donald Trump’s proclamation that bestowed American legitimacy on the Israeli annexation of the Golan Heights. But judging from the utter lack of results from their earlier rejection of Trump’s blessing of another Israeli annexation – that of Jerusalem – there will be little meaningful follow-up.

The Arab League called the December 2017 announcement of the transfer of the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem “dangerous and unacceptable” and a “flagrant attack on a political solution” to the Israeli- Palestinian conflict”, and even dubbed their 2018 summit in Saudi Arabia, “The Jerusalem Summit”. Big words, but nothing concrete came of it apart from a non-binding UN General Assembly resolution rejecting the US move.

Arab Summit is always bring no concrete solution but definitely has its own way of optics to numerous diplomatic statesman  matters emerging developing in favor or against the member nation and submit to ponder extensively irrespective of action or result thereto in its gala congregation.

Human suffering, war wreck states Humanities to its low ebb and migration or social security for states from rich to poor nations are also in feeble  in wholesome rumblings.

The 1967 Khartoum Summit gave us the three no’s: no to recognition, no to negotiations, and no to peace with Israel. The 1974 Rabat Summit designated the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) as the sole representative of the Palestinian people. And then the 2002 Beirut Summit adopted the Saudi initiative, offering recognition and normalisation with Israel in return for the latter’s withdrawal from all occupied Arab territories.

But those results were exceptions coming in the aftermath of wars. In Tunisia, hopes for big results were replaced by hopes for big attendance, and the attempt at a breakthrough ended in a bust.

Like the majority of Arab summits, the 2019 Tunis Summit will go down in history as having achieved nothing of consequence.


Hundreds in Tunisi  march in protest Arab states planning to normalisation with Israel as the country hosts the Arab League Summit


Banners read: “Liberation of Palestin is duty of the nation”

Syrian flags were waved to protest the Israeli occupation of the Golan Heights.

“Ignoring@UNSecurity Council Resolutions on the Golan Heights is not a solution and let me be clear, the #EU will continue to not recognise Israeli sovereignty over the territories occupied over 1967″ @FedericaMog

on #Israel ahead the plenary speech at 30th session #ArabSummit

“We need to prevent the raise of hate starting with preventing Islamophobia in our societies, we need to work together to make sure that in Europe as ArabWorld everyone is accepted, respected & protected as a human being” @FedericaMog‘s plenary speech at 30th #ArabSummit session

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