ECI: Is This Election



ECI – Is this Indian Elections a Mega Festival

April01, 2019 (C) Ravinder

Today 920m Indian are ready to cast their Votes in LS2019 Elections to elect their representatives in next 10 to 50 days who shall Write Law, Manage Central Budget exceeding Rs.150,00,000 Cr or $2000b – CONTROL $15,000b 5 Yr GDP, Oversee Country’s External & Internal Security, Ensure Public Services and Trade & Agriculture are Well Managed and Benefits of Progress are Experienced by all.

Today Indians are Well Educated – better than any other country in the world because apart from School & College Teaching they engage Tuitions and Special Classes –Appear in Tests Every Year for Various Jobs – Class IV to IAS for 10-12 years beyond graduation.

Over 100m Indian Engineers, Doctors, Scientists, Commerce and Arts Graduates are Unemployed or Underemployed.

Today Indians have on average Four Mobile Phones or One Smart Phone per Household and data is practically free can access any Information in The World in Seconds.

Panchvi Class Mein Panch Bar Fail – FRAUD ELECTIONS

But still our ECI let people who are‘Panchvi Class Mein Panch Bar Fail Qualifications to Lead in Indian Parliament.’

Early 2009 when I as a Moderator of Human Rights Groups found – even though Registration of Political Parties is Complicated – Yet there was –

1.   No Well Defined Aims & Objectives Given in the Registration Documents,

2.   No Information About the Office Bearers Holding Key Positions,

3.   No Information about Seniority of Office Bearers Was Available,

4.   Annual Elections Rarely Held – No Transparency in Selection & Promotions,

5.   Outsider Film Actors May Get PARTY TICKET – than Democratic Debates and Seniority and Qualification,

6.   No Retirement or Tenure Limitation in Party or Elected Positions.   

7.   No Registration of Election Manifestoes and No Info on Party Meetings.


I wanted ECI to provide the Above INFO through RTI in 2009 and subsequent interventions – none was provided – ECI obtained Ex-Parte Orders from CIC.

Horrified at a Recent Presentation Assuming Money Spent by Parties as Their Own Earned Money – Which is Actually Public Money [Donations or Extortions] IT IS MEGA FRAUD when On The BASIS OF INADEQUATE DOCUMENTS & NO MANIFESTOES PARTIES SHALL COLLECT & SPEND Rs.50,000 Cr of PUBLIC MONEY.


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