#PSLVC45 lifts off from Sriharikota carrying #EMISAT & 28 international customer satellites.

#PSLVC45 successfully injects #EMISAT into sun-synchronous polar orbit. Now, 28 customer satellites to be placed into their designated orbit.


The twenty-seven hour countdown for the launch of India’s latest observation satellite EMISAT is progressing smoothly. The launch vehicle PSLV-C45 will lift off from the ISRO spaceport, Satish Dhawan Space Centre, Sriharikotta at 09:27 am today, carrying EMISAT and 28 other customer payloads.

There are several features that are being adopted for the “first time” during tomorrow’s launch. The principal “first-time” innovation this time is the multiple orbits involved in the mission. ISRO says the main satellite EMISAT and the 28 customer satellites will be ed into two different orbits, and later, the fourth stage engine of the rocket will be taken to a third orbit in space.

The engine there will serve as an experimental platform, with three devices of as many premier educational research institutions of India in it. The foreign satellites include 24 from the US, two from Lithuania and one each from Switzerland and Spain.

AIR correspondent reports that the ISRO starts the very first day of the new financial year with the launch of PSLV C45. Its principal satellite of India called EMISAT is meant for what ISRO says electromagnetic spectrum measurement. Another “first-time” feature during the launch is the configuration of the workhorse rocket PSLV.

ISRO says, the rocket used to fly either with six strap-ons or no strap-on, but now it will zoom into space with four strap-on motors. Furthermore, the complete mission will be accomplished in one of the longest ever flights that will endure for over three long hours. It may be seen that, of late, each and every launch by the ISRO sees one or more innovative features.

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