Rahul Congress Bottom 20% 


April01, 2019 (C) Ravinder Singhravindersinvent@gmail.com

Congress under Rahul Gandhi gave up Capitalist Support base RECLAIMING it in LS 2019 from BJP than TARGET bottom 20% Population which are VOTE BANKS of Scores of Regional Parties– Would neither get Capitalist, Nor Farmers Nor Bottom 20% Votes.

Congress was always Capitalist even during Nehru’s Time – Private Sector was not interested in Low Margin Investments therefore RISKY industries So PSU were established to run critical capital intensive projects.

In LS2014 main ‘Battleground States UP and Bihar – out of 13.9 Cr and 6.3 Cr Electors – just 0.6 Cr and 0.3 Cr Votes were Polled in Congress Favor – 7.63% and 8.56% Valid Votes Share respectively’.

Sheila Dikshit and Raj Babbar could pull less than 5% Electors to the Polling Booths.

BJP in alliances Polled 50% or more Votes to Wiped Out Congress in most states.

Reduced to 44 Seats – Congress gave up the fight than REBUILDING Party – Alliances.

Last minute NYAY Offering –Rs.72,000 Every Year in account of Bottom of Pyramid 50m Householdsis not likely to work because people believe CONGRESS will not come to power and so shall not be implemented. [Than BJPs Rs.6000 to 12 Cr Farmers Yearly]

It is most STUPID of Sanjay Baru and others to assume India had Socialist Government under Pt Nehru – whenBasically CONGRESS was always CAPITALIST – Nehru was simply feeding Poorest Who Can’t Afford Food through PDS System importing foods PREVENTING MASS STARVATION DEATHS. Examples –

I worked in BST in 1974 – found it had two Steel Tube Production Lines with 36T/H Capacity – Built in 1965 – a year after Nehru’s Death – had Provision for Five Production Lines or 100T/H Capacity but was declaring only 5T/H average Production Rate.

Newspapers occasionally would report 10 Times Excess Capacity in most sectors – all in Private Sector.IN ONE FACTORY POTENTIAL WAS 10 TIMES THAN ACTUAL PRODUCTION.

In 1975 was in charge ofPROCUREMENT – except BHEL Boilers and Turbines and Some Critical Components some Imported also – Motors, Coal Handling Plant, Water Treatment Plant, Package Boiler – Switchgear, Lighting, Controls, Compressors, Transport, Conveyor Belts, Steel Tubes — everything was made by PRIVATE COMPANIES.

Last time a Gandhi ruled India was 8th LS in 1984 – last 30 yrs Congress Ruled India LS 10th under Narasimha Rao or LS 14th & 15th Manmohan Singh.

Congress may nominate Amit Mitra, as Congress PM Choice – who led FICCI for over 10 years. Industry & Scores of National & State Parties shall support him.

From Total DISASTER to RECOVERY for Congress is possible at this time.


10th LS

P.V. N. Rao

244 / 545



14th LS

Manmohan S.

145 / 543



15th LS

Manmohan S.

206 / 543



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