Global Conclaves


1553067251328766640741Dear Friends and Colleagues:


We would like to take this opportunity to share with you our upcoming platforms with newly announced dates and locations.


June 6-7

The Growth Net

(7th edition), New Delhi, India

Created in 2013, The Growth Net Summit reflects the new realities in the global economy created by the growing importance of a group of dynamic Emerging Market countries, with growth rates expected to continue to be higher than those of the developed countries. The Summit is a unique platform to connect with the entrepreneurial vibrancy which is reshaping the economies and societies of this group of countries and changing the global business and technology landscape.

Why you should attend: TGN is the only global platform focused on emerging markets, providing a unique opportunity to interact with peers from fast growing countries with the purpose of creating business opportunities and address common challenges. We are pleased to announce the inclusion of two nights at the Taj Palace with your registration. Should you wish to register:


July 1-2

Roundtable Japan

(15th edition), Tokyo, Japan

The Roundtable will bring together Cabinet Ministers, Members of Parliament and top business leaders from Japanese corporations as well as foreign companies operating in Japan, offering numerous possibilities to get the current pulse of Japan, create new business relationships, and affect the course of the national dialogue.


Why you should attend: Roundtable Japan is a unique platform to understand the challenges and opportunities facing Japan and the businesses operating in or with the country. Should you wish to register:


September 20-23

World Manufacturing Convention

Hefei, China

The Global Alliance of SMEs – GASME – has mandated Smadja & Smadja to produce the World Manufacturing Convention. This 2nd edition will further the discussion on the key drivers of Industry 4.0 revolution and assess their impact, explore the policies and initiatives that will allow corporations and national economies to leverage the new opportunities created by the integration of disruptive technologies in manufacturing processes and to manage the challenges involved in this major transformation.


October 3-5


Tucson, AZ (3rd edition)

Agora is a two-day annual get-together dedicated to a select group of up-and-coming entrepreneurs, leveraging the opportunities created by the technology revolutions and globalization. Agora is an experience of mind sharing with top thought leaders end entrepreneurs’ peers to broaden horizons and stimulate lateral thinking for this group of startup founders and for the new generation taking over the family business.

Agora is by invitation only, should you wish to nominate someone or have an interest please contact us


October 20-22

Mexico Business Summit (17th edition)


The Mexico Business Summit has become the premier,must-attend, event on Mexico – and the region, for its top-level attendance (more than 1000 participants), the relevance and innovativeness of its agenda and its overall impact. Speakers in the Mexico Business Summit always include the top political leaders from Mexico, leading members of Mexico’s corporate, political, and media elites and international business and political personalities. This 17th edition will come a timely moment to assess the initial phase of the Lopez Obrador presidency and what looms ahead for business.


Thank you for your time, as always, we are at your disposal to answer any question you may have.


Warm Regards,


The Team at:

Smadja & Smadja USA

404 East 76th street

New York, NY 10021

T +1 212 759 6000

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