Lok Sabha Elections 2019


Lok Sabha Elections 2019 will be held in seven phases, starting from April 11 to May 19. The Election Commission of India is organising general elections in 543 constituencies in 29 states and 7 Union Territories. Political parties approximately 350 in total will try their luck in this Lok Sabha polls.

The16th Lok Sabha members were elected in 2014 Lok Sabha elections, where Bharatiya Janata Party had swept widely under the leadership of Shri. Narendra Modi. It was the first time in 30 years that one party got the absolute majority. BJP bagged 282 seats and formed the government.

PIL – SC for Free & Fair Elections vs 11 Cr FAKE VOTERS – 11 IDs

April05, 2019 (C) Ravinder Singh ravindersinvent@gmail.com

Honorable Chief Justice of India,

Supreme Court of India,

New Delhi-110001

Aadhar Linked 99% Accurate Voting vs 20%+ Fraud Voting


Respected Sir,

Honorable Supreme Court has registered WORLD’s BIGGEST POLLING FRAUD in 2014 LS Elections – Over 10 Cr FAKE VOTES POLLED.

I met Dr. SY Quraishi, former CEC at a public event on March14, 2019 atIndia International Center where he gave a ‘Talk on Elections’ – I told him, gave a Printed Copy of PIL and more details and Soft Copy Of All Documents Emailed also which was Circulated in Human Rights Groups as well that –

1.  In 2014 Elections there were 83.7 Cr Electors 10 Cr more than 18+ Demographics.

2.  There were 13 Crore [31%] More Valid Votes Polled in 2014 than 2009 [41.7 Cr to 54.7 Cr] when normal growth was 3 Crores in 5 years.

3.  Quick Survey of my lane – 167 Electors as per latest Voter List – 30-40 Electors are Not Living or Moved Out and 25-30 Residents for upto 10 years are not in the list.

4.  Also told him that through RTI in 2009 which ECI refused in Ex Parte Order – I wanted ECI to inform the Voters about the ‘Aims and Objectives of the Registered Political Parties and Their EXECUTIVE BOARD along Biodata.’ [Like Annual Report of Companies]

5.  I also wanted REGISTRATION OF POLL MANIFESTO, Debate around Poll MANIFESTO.

6.  Single phase BALLOT POLLING IS Rs.10,00,000 Cr Advantage. [Details in Word File]

7. Former CEC was referring to Money Spent MANY TIMES THE LIMIT by the Parties – IT IS ALL PUBLIC MONEY collected through donations and Extortions. [My core idea in this was that PUBLIC DONATIONS SHOULD BE REGULATED TO LIMIT POLL EXPENSES & USED FOR HONEST PURPOSES THAN SPREADING HATE & LIES]

ECI of India Denied ESSENTIAL Information Requested in RTI.  

A.]  In the past ECI used to carry out DOOR TO DOOR Voters List Verification but no verification was done in last 10 years – a rapid survey of My Lane revealed out of 167 Electors – 30-40 Electors are not living at the addresses in the Voters List – 25-30 Persons who are actually living are not in the list. Voters list of my Polling Booth for 2019 GE is LARGELY DEFECTIVE.

B.]  42 Cr Valid Votes Polled in 2009, in 2014 55 Valid Votes Polled.



5 Year Growth

Valid Votes

5 Year Growth
























C.]  At least 10 Cr FAKE VOTES Were Polled in 2014.

D.  In 1995 to Ensure FREE & FAIR Elections – TN Seshan Postponed Election Schedule FOUR TIMEs.


To ensure Free & Fair Elections in Bihar, TN Sheshan ‘Postponed Bihar Elections 4 Times in 1995,’ Then issue was BOOTH CAPTURING, – For Isolated Cases of BOOTH CAPTURING involving say few thousand Votes TN Shshan Postponed elections four times.

In 2019 it is 12 Cr FAKE ELECTORS Registered by ECI

E.]  TN Sheshan also INSISTED On VOTER-ID use for all Elections. In 24 Years VOTER-ID has been Outdated.AADHAR LINKED VOTER-ID is LATEST Biometric Identification – 99% Electors already have it and is Internet Connected.

F.]  Multi-Phase Election is NO SECURITY ADVANTAGE –GOONS Move With Security FORCES – 7 Times More Concentration. Videography, CCTV, 4G Connected POLICE & SECURITY COMMUNICATION, Poll Agents With Smart Phones with 13 Mega Pixal Cameras – are all there for Free & Fair Polls.


R1]  Lok Sabha Elections be Postponed to UPDATE Voters Lists on the basis of Door Door Surveys.


R2]  Single Day BALLOT Polling on say May25 and Counting to begin at 8PM Results announced by May25 AN.  

R3.]  Single Day Aadhar ID Verification to Ensure 99% Accuracy. Details Annexed here in Word File.


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