42% India Under SEVERE DROUGHT, Only 8% Canal Irrigated


April06, 2019 (C) Ravinder Singh ravindersinvent@gmail.com

Honorable Chairperson,

Justice Adarsh Kumar Goel,

National Green Tribunal

New Delhi 110001


Respected Sir,

This week it is reported 42% of India is under SEVERE DROUGHT – when actually only 8% Farm Land is Canal Irrigated – is the ONLY POSITIVE IRRIGATION method – Water from Rivers going to sea is Delivered to the Agriculture Holdings.

Other methods like Wells, Tube-Wells ‘Draw Water From GROUND and Return Less Water’ and Check Dams and Ponds LARGELY Charge NON FARM Under-Ground Area.’ In both PUMPING is Required is Energy Guzzling and Negative IRRIGATION.

Corrupt or Incompetent NGOs HIJACKED Water sector for over three decades when Rajinder Singh fake waterman of India started building Check Dams & Ponds in Rajasthan and most drought regions adopted this built millions of check dams and ponds. Civil Engineering Corruption is WIDESPREAD is illustrated by just couple of lines on my comments at an event in Vigyan Bhawan on River Linking in 2003:-

‘Stupid Idea of Ganga Cauvery Link is on for 3-4 Decades – Instead of Transporting 50 Billion Tones of Water in Canal [50 BCM], Why can’t we Transfer 30m Tones of Food-grains Produced in Fertile Ganga Basin required by South India by Train?’


Ganga Cauvery Link is 100% CORRUPTION – Nothing Shall reach 3000 Km Down South India while 99% Food-Grains in Trains shall reach all parts of South India in 10 days.

As on April04, 2019 there was only 48 BCM of water in 91 Large Storage dams – for water security only say 28 BCM shall be available for Supply and say 14 BCM shall reach Consumers all over India – out of 4000 BCM Rain Precipitation, ONLY 0.35%.

When Population increased from 84.6 Cr to 138 Cr or 63% Growth since 1991 – No NET increase in Large Dam storage in view low Capacity additions and Siltation of Dams. River water use ESTIMATION is 400 BCM or 10% – Triple it including RE-CHARGE.


1200 MW Sardar Sarovar Dam is not OPERATED for two years, Madhya Pradesh utilizes only 8 of 18 MAF Narmada Water Entitlement, No Important Storage Dam built in UPPER YAMUNA – Some Dams like Maneri Bhali – I have already silted up. India has to TRIPLE Large Dam Storages ASAP. ADD Storage Capacity to Existing Dams, Build Multipurpose Dams in Nepal, International Rivers and Ensure Flood Protection.


India has no MINIMIZE Canal & Pipeline Leakages, Release TWICE more water in rivers,

NGT to Monitor Fast Execution of Water Projects.


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