Farmers 50cr No Credit, 20cr No Fertilizer, 60cr No Irrigation  


April06, 2019 (C) Ravinder Singh

Latest available Agriculture stats reveal Indian Farmers don’t get basic inputs – 50 Cr Farmers get no Credit, 20 Cr Farmers no Fertilizer and 60 Cr Farmers no Canal Irrigation – Fact Check is –

50 Cr Farmers Get No Bank Credit

When Bank Credit to Mukesh Ambani Tripled in last few years – 9.2 Cr Farm Holdings* didn’t get any Bank or Institutional Credit in 2017 [Table 15.9] – 50 Cr Farmers Never Got Bank Credit were at the mercy of Moneylenders. *As per Agriculture Census 2010-11 actual figure today would definitely be over 10 Cr Farm Holdings and 50 Cr Farmers.

Not just that top 10 Families got nearly Rs.18,00,000 Cr as Bank Credit – for almost Zero Dividend to Shareholders – this includes Rs.6,12,191 Cr POCKET MONEY [2018] – to invest on SPECULATIVE ACTIVITIES or SIDE BUSINESSES Like investing in Stock Market – Mukesh Ambani alone got overRs.1,01,462 Cr. Actually Other Activities INCOME Exceed Rs.5,11,534 Cr for Stock Market listed companies which is 7 TIMES their Rs. 73,740 Cr Dividend to Shareholders.

Not just that GoI reduced interest rates by about 3% for the benefit of mainly few families, all the Bank Depositors suffered from Lower Interest rate. But this doesn’t mean MSME too benefitted from lower interest rates – Most the MSME were funded through Non Banking Finance Companies who charge COMMERCIAL RATES.

24% or 4 Cr Holdings 20 Cr Farmers Fertilizer Free Cultivation

More shocking – 45.776 million hectare cultivated area didn’t use any fertilizer due BAD ADVISE of Jakhars and Swanimathan who favor ORGANIC FARMING. [Table 15.7]

5 Cr Operational Holdings and 25 Cr Farmers Suffer from Low Yields Because SWAMINATH & JAKHARS Led NGO advised against Fertilizer Use.


12 Cr Farm Holdings 60 Cr Farmers Without Canal Irrigation. 


16.9 mHec Canal Irrigation Out of 189 mHec Cultivation


Between 8% to 9% Cultivated Area is Covered Under Canal Irrigation – other means are Costly and Need regular Investment & Pumping. [Table 15.5]

FARMERS ARE DENIED – CREDIT, IRRIGATION & FERTILIZERS TO GROW CROPS – Storage, Food Processing & Direct Market – Cooperative Retail Stores in Villages Flood Protection are ADDITIONAL NEEDS TO IMPROVE THEIR EARNING.


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