PIL – India’s Water Crisis: A Warning To The World


April07, 2019 (C) Ravinder Singh ravindersinvent@gmail.com

Honorable President of India,

Shri Ram Nath Kovind,

Rashtrapati Bhawan, ND 110004

Respected Sir,

I have petitioned to NGT about India’s Water Crisis responding to News ‘42% of India’s land area under drought, 500 mn people severely affected’ – as Evidence I had analyzed RT Video as follows. THIS IS IN PUBLIC DOMAIN SINCE AGUST2016 – 36 MONTHS – CWC is Grossly INCOMPETENT to address the BUNGLINGS in Water MANAGEMENT in India.

Sir, I was behind the MIRACLE – When PM Morarjee Desai visited MB Road Project in 1978 – Zero Water Supply for 7 Days Was FLOODED in 40 hours – CPWD Water Supply Installation Was 10 Times Over Designed and Substandard in construction.


H2WOE India’s Water Crisis: A Warning To The World

1.     Tankers Deliver 8L Water Per Person Per Week.

2.     2m – Water From Tanker is Dumped in A Deep Well [Could Be Lifting Water from Well But in RIL AR – CSR – Tanker Water is dumped in Well] and People use Rope & Buckets to Lift water from the Well – Seepage losses may be 50% water.

3.     There are OBSTRUCTIONS in Water Flows around the well,

4.     2.21m – Water Supply System installed but not WORKING.

5.     3m – No Water Supply But Five Children [No Family Planning]

6.     4.15m – People on advice of Rajinder Singh build small Ponds for Family use – But Main Reservoir for the village getting RESTRICTED SUPPLY dry up before summer.

7.     4.55m – 12 Years of MNREG but Almost no Progress, Workers paid Rs.120 Per day. [Rs.900 Per month cost of Water Carried on Head over Long Distance.]

8.     6.10m – Farm Water Obstructions but No Water,

9.     7.02m – Three Wives – Two For Procuring Water from Distance on Head, One leaves village at 6am and return by 6PM – others work in Farm,

10.             7.42m – Village has no DAL MILL to crack pulses.

11.        8.09m – Three WIVES leave home early in the morning to fetch water from a well at bottom of hilly area. Wait in Queue for their turn. No Roads,

12.             9.00m – There is no Water in the Well Build some decades ago – Water Trickles in @ less than a Liter Per Second. No Tullu Pump for public aid.

13.             11.10m – Orange Trees DRIED up in Drought – Years of investment lost – Funds sourced from Money Lenders in 75% Cases, and Panchayat Meeting,

14.             15m – Farm Suicides in Punjab Flowing Rivers & Canals but Punjab not getting its share – 60% diverted to other States – Tube-Wells Very Expensive to Maintain.


16.             16m – CCTV to Monitor Dead Bodies in Canal, 3-4 found daily.

17.             21m – THAR DESERT – Sand Dunes no water & trees.

18.             21.30m – Lone DEEP WELL in the area yield 5KL of Water in 4 Hours. 20KL a day – tube-wells yield 40 KL to 90 kl per hour in Punjab.

19.             22m – No Roads to Sources of Water – Woman Walk long distances – Tractor Stuck in Sand Dunes Sourcing Water from 30-40km.

20.             22.45m – Canal and Over Head Tank & Water Supply built by PWD Failed – Can See OPTIC FIBER,

21.             23.20m – Large Pond & Check Dam is only source of Drinking Water, Though Frogs Swim in Pond but PWD Claims water is fit for Drinking,

22.             24m – There was One House around the POND, now there are over 100 around Pond.


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