Congress  No Tickets to Losers


April08, 2019 (C) Ravinder Singh

When Jyotiraditya Scindia, in charge of West UP which didn’t elect a single Candidate to LS2014 stated Congress couldn’t form alliance with and blamingSP & BSP ‘–there was no conversation from their side.’ SP+BSP Polled 22.35%+19.77% = 42.12% to BJP Vote Share of 42.63% and in Comparison INC polled just 7.53%.

MOST STUPID Comments but HAD INC adopted ‘ALLIANCE POLICY’ after 1989 loss – INC could have LED Government of India all through. UP since 2002 when BSP and SP ruled UP – INC could have been Jointly Ruling UP State. Congress can MINIMIZE DAMAGE – Urging CONGRESS SP-BSP CANDIDATES, not in Winning Position to Support Each Other in MAXIMIZING Winning Chances.

In LS2014 Congress fielded 464 Candidates – Lost 420 of this 178 Lost Deposits. This time it could be over 200 Deposit Loss. In the biggest Battleground – UP – Congress polled just 60,61,267 Valid Votes out 8,05,00,789 Valid Votes by all Parties and 13,88,10,557 Electors.


INC is mere Selling Tickets – has no Chance of Winning even 20 Seats. In Hindi belt including Maharashtra and Gujarat which contributes Two Third Seats Congress had failed to Stich an alliance except in Bihar. –

It is so Laughable – in LS2014 ‘Manmohan Singh & Sonia Gandhi’ were ‘Marg Darshaks’ it was RAHUL GANDHI weak brain who was Leading The Campaign. [Cover Page]

Congress lost Miserable because – it fought the Election in Rahul Gandhi’s name who was ABSENT In LOK SABHA & GOVERNMENT and Never in Active Politics – WAS TAKING CREDIT FOR 10 Yr SUCCESS OF UPA-I & II.

There Was No Credit to Majority of Non Congress Members of UPA-I & II.Without the Support of SP, BSP, TMC, CPM, and many more Manmohan Singh couldn’t have survived in LS for a day.

Almost 10 Crore BOGUS Votes were Polled – had I been engaged before 2014 – Would Have EXPOSED FRAUDS in Voter LISTS – Prevented Land Slide Loss – asked CAG to Verify Voters Lists & Released New Voter-IDs. Post Elections – Election Petition for ‘Setting Aside LS2014 Due to Large Errors in Voters List and Bogus Voting.’



LS2019 There is not even a Marg Darshak this time – SEVEN Pictures of Rahul Gandhi with people but none from Top Leadership, An Average Person Seeking VOTES to Rule India.

Rahul in 2014 and 2019 Manifesto – Didn’t Give Credit to Nehru, Gandhi, Patel when in BJP Manifesto all its Prominent Leaders are depicted.



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