Conrad Botes – The Goliath Protocol
Olivié Keck – Drop Dead Gorgeous 

Everard Read’s CIRCA Gallery invites you to the exhibition openings of artists Conrad Botes and Olivié Keck

6:00 PM
11 April 2019
2 Jellicoe Avenue Rosebank, 2196

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Conrad Botes, Goliath Protocol, 200 x 350cm , Acrylic on Canvas.

Conrad Botes – The Goliath Protocol

The Goliath Protocol, will be Conrad Botes’ first major solo exhibition in five years. The work will include four large-scale canvasses, including a 2 x 7 metre painting in oils that would be the artist’s most ambitious work to date. A large selection of vignettes from the artist’s drawing books will shed light on various influences leading up to these works, with a particular focus on Spanish artist, Francisco Goya.
Olivié Keck, Drop Dead Gorgeous, 2018, 92 x 68cm, Posca/Enamel on Hardwood. 

Olivié Keck – Drop Dead Gorgeous 
Society’s love affair with ‘crimes of passion’ as entertainment is at an all-time high and has recently been acknowledged as the most watched genre of escapism in the media, mainly by women. With this series of paintings, Keck seeks to treat each of her works as staged crime scenes complete with all the makings of a grand cinematic moment. The lifeless subjects are adorned with rich, colourful garments in luxurious surroundings, all aesthetic embellishments intended to distract from the tragic deathly circumstance. The works embody a playful parody rooted in a more serious questioning of our cultural obsession with depictions of violence and the romanticism of crime as entertainment.


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