Algeria: Presidential election to be held in July

APIn Algeria, Presidential election will be held in July. This was announced by the presidency yesterday as protests continue against the ruling elite following veteran leader Abdelaziz Bouteflika’s resignation.

Interim leader Abdelkader Bensalah’s office said, Presidential elections will be held on July 4. The new date was set a day after Bensalah assumed office for a 90-day period, as stipulated by the constitution. However, the appointment of upper house speaker Bensalah as Algeria’s first new president in 20 years failed to meet the demands of demonstrators.

Although Bensalah, a close Bouteflika ally, is barred under the constitution from running in the upcoming election, protesters have demanded the new president to step down. Meanwhile, army chief General Ahmed Gaid Salah said, the military would ensure the transition follows the rules of transparency and integrity, and the laws of the republic.

After two decades in power, the 82 years old ailing Bouteflika finally stepped down last week after weeks of demonstrations triggered by his bid for a fifth term in office.

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