Assange Arrest Media sovereignty infringed

Each Democratic nation with values of democracy imbibed need to send in its country to Embassy of UK Memorandum against Assange arrest handcuffs on alleged charges before defence or court order is case of state frightening global media and diluting it’s natural rebel strength to bring nations to its betterment in evolving.

TulsiGabbard·5The purpose of arresting #JulianAssange is to send a message to the people, especially journalists, to be quiet and don’t get out of line. If we, the people, allow the government to control us through fear, we are no longer free, we are no longer America.

TulsiGabbard·hThe arrest of #JulianAssange is meant to send a message to all Americans and journalists: be quiet, behave, toe the line. Or you will pay the price.

UK handcuffs Assange is direct attack on global media sovereignty with charges alleged to have levelled but need to prove in either countries trial or at International court of Justice.

UK metropolice also violates human rights and the question need to be taken up in EU council meeting.

The arrest of Assange to play important issue in ensuing election in member states of Europe and election of European fall on April 12.

UK surrounded by economy Brexit and lawlessness at its worst, invited another worst action of muzzle voice of democracy in age of Liberty Freedom equality for all on which lay basic norms is the edifice of democracy.

Global media is thickly soaken in corruption so deep that media do not see through the act of daring violation of human rights in early day light.

State sponsored terror on media is well explained TulsiGabbard explain in he tweets.

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