State Budgets Snapshot: 2019-20 (Vol. 2)

(Brief summary of the State Budgets)

 In continuation of the States’ Budget report released by PHD Chamber on 3rd April 2019, the supplement report on remaining states is attached. The state governments have announced their annual Budgets 2019-20 making allocations in important areas relating to socio-economic welfare. A summary of the state budget highlights is given below:                                                             1.         Jammu & Kashmir The budget of Jammu and Kashmir has focused on the overall development and welfare of the state. The budget has proposed Rs 5 crore each to the Handicraft Development and Handloom Development Corporations for raw material and inventory upgradation. The budget proposed an amount of Rs  2573  crores  expected  to  flow  to  Panchayati Raj  Institutions  and  Rs  1030 crores  to  Urban  Local Bodies in a timeframe of 15 months. 2.         Uttar Pradesh The budget of Uttar Pradesh focuses on the socio-economic development of the state. The state budget has proposed a cess on liquor sales. A cess will be levied on liquor sales, through which a revenue of Rs 165 crore is estimated. This will be used towards feeding of stray cattle. For the rural development, Rs 6,240 crore has been allocated towards Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana – Rural. Rs 3,488 crore has been allocated under the National Rural Livelihood Mission. Rs 2,954 crore has been allocated towards the National Rural Drinking Water Mission.  3.         Bihar The budget of Bihar 2019-20 has majorly focused on villages, health, education, infrastructure sector. The size of the budget is Rs 200501.01 crores for the year 2019-2020. The budget has earmarked amount for Scheduled Castes & Scheduled Tribes of Rs 17,928.1 crore. 4.         Gujarat The budget of Gujarat focuses on the overall growth and development of the economy. For health, the state government has decided to increase insurance cover for 68 lakh beneficiary families of “MA” and “MA-Vatsalya” Yojana on the lines of Ayushman Bharat from Rs 3 lakh to Rs 5 lakh.To encourage prawn culture activity, additional 5000 hectares land has been allotted with an aim to provide employment to 25,000 aqua-culturists.  To give boost to their activity and to provide them better facilities, new fish landing centres will be set up in the state. 5.         Goa The Goa budget has continued to put a major thrust on Agriculture, Health, Education, Information Technology, Employment, Infrastructure and overall sustainable economic development. The Goa budget proposed Rs 1624.5 crores towards school education and Rs 411.8 crores towards higher education. Towards technical education, the budget proposed an amount of Rs 203.9 crores

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