Finland Sunday Election

Finland, the far-right, populist Finns Party capitalise on anti-immigration sentiment of Sunday’s legislative elections.
Finns began voting in a general election on Sunday where the centre-right government is expected to be overturned amid widespread opposition to its spending cuts, and the far-right is predicted to make large gains.

Finland is leaning left with the Social Democratic Party favored to emerge as biggest after Sunday’s election. Finland‘s general election in which the Social Democratic Party appears set to topple the centre-right government after four years of spending cuts, with the far-right predicted to make large gains.

Finland, polling is underway for general elections. Over 1.5 million voters have already given their pre-vote. Altogether 19 parties are running in the election, with eight of them holding seats in the Parliament now, ranging from the environmentalist Green party to the Feminist party founded two years ago.

The first results are due tonight. In the 200-member Parliament, 101 seats are needed to form the government. 

The Social Democrats are widely tipped to become the largest party, but under the country’s proportional representation system, they may have to form a coalition with several other parties. 

Much of the debate in the run-up to the election has been about whether the next government should continue the current administration’s public spending cuts.

The opposition, Social Democratic Party, which Finland’s main polls predict will win by a margin of about two percentage points, has vowed to alleviate the austerity policies introduced by the ruling coalition over the past four years.

Aware the public mood has turned against any further belt-tightening, the Centre Party of incumbent Prime Minister Juha Sipila and his centre-right governing partner the National Coalition Party, have insisted the economy is now strong enough to allow for an easing of austerity.

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