Chief Technical Officer to GOI vs Disastrous Lateral Entries


April17, 2019 (C) Ravinder

Since first letter to Prime MinisterMorarjee Desai when Hon’ble President Kovind was his Secretary in 1977 reporting ‘Corruption & Incompetence of NRDC & CSIR’– next ‘Miracle of No Water Supply for Seven Days to Overflowing MB Road Project in 1978’ – Garland Canal in 1980, 1980 Report on Water Supply installations, Bogus Patent R&D at CSIR in 1981, DST Failed Solar Water Heating Project at Ashok Hotel 1983, T&D Losses Project 1990, 1996 PIL on Indian Railways, Sardar Sarovar Report 1999, Bogus PITRODA Patents 2004, 2005 Fast Electricity Meters, 2006 KG Basin Bungling, 2008 BRT Bungling, Agricultural Leadership and Mitsubishi 1600 MWe Reactors, 2010 Floods in Pakistan, 2012 Clean Energy to Avoid 3 Billion Tones of GHG Emissions, 2013 Floods in Uttarkhand, – Scores of Inventions & Patents, Mailed Over 10,000 Letters and Petition on DEVELOPMENT ISSUES WITHOUT DELAY and with 99% Accuracy.

Prime Minister was getting EXPERT ADVISE Free of Cost for 42 years but had no Capability to IMPLEMENT it. i.e. 2008 MITSUBISHI alerted me on filing for 1600 MWe Nuclear Reactor, I was first one in India to download it and within 24 hours to report to GOI that 1600 MWe NR has 39% thermal efficiency compared to 30% to 33% Prevailing Standard – Indian reactors operating at 25% to 28%.

Lateral Entry of 9 Professionals at JS Level was in news last week and then Prashant Kishore [PK] referred this in a long interview. But the tragedy for India was Lateral Entry of Nitin Gadkari, Suresh Prabhu and Piyush Goyal, Arun Jaitley in key ministries soon after winning LS2014 in all Planning and Development Matters. Newly selected 9 JS will not be serving present Government.  

PK at 30m started by reference to US President 120 years ago inducted 6 Professionals to advise his government – Obama recently had over 3000 Experts Team. He named 5 Experts inducted by GOI. 1. Sam Pitroda, 2. Verghese Kurien, 3. Vikram Sarabhai, 4. Abdul Kalam and 5. MS Swaminathan. But I start withRV Shahi, appointed Power Secretary in 2003.

1.   RV SHAHI: –  Almost immediately after TAKEOVER – Computerized ELECTRICITY Meters were IMPORTED that ran upto 60% Fast due to inbuilt programs. PLF When he took over was 75% – more for NTPC Units – is reduced to 60%. 80,000 MW Capacity remain shut down – POWER COMPANIES ARE IN DEEP LOSSES. Worst – Change of Name from Father to Son TAKES 6 MONTHS, No Annual Statement of Billing.

2.   SAM PITRODA: – He filed BOGUS Patents – PCOs was neither INNOVATIVE nor New – When I had the Phone in 1984 I was Connecting Neighbors who didn’t have Phones. Earlier my neighbors connected me to my relations. In 1996 I was required to go to Town 3 km away when in Punjab to make a call. C-DOT 1000 Lines Exchanges were SUBSTANDARD.

3.   VERGHESE KUREIN: – There are about 250m Female Cows & Buffalos – Produce about 150m KL of STANDARD MILK – this 600 Kg per female Cow or Buffalo.   

4.   SARABHAI & KALAM: – Made Significant Contribution to Space & Nuclear Energy sector but Kalam favored ‘RIVER LINKING’which was Totally Corrupt.

‘2003 – The Stupid Idea of GANGA-KAUVERI LINK is on for 30-40 Years, Why Can’t We Transport 30 Million Tones of Foodgrains to South India than50,000 million tones of Water over 3000 Km in Canal – most leaking on way.’

5.   MS SWAMINATHAN: – When India had GURDEV KHUSH asWORLD’s TOP RICE BREEDER –Swaminathan did FAKE RESEARCH was CAUGHT CheatingKept Gurdev Khush out of Agriculture Ministry – Imported UNCLEAN HY WHEAT SEEDS from MEXICO which came with ALIEN WEEDS. He delayed INDUCTION OF IR36 by 5 Years – India had largest area under RICE in the world was to benefit the most.

Per Capita BIHAR GDP –34.26% FY12, 32.86%FY18 India Avg

Bihar didn’t benefit from PRASHANT KISHOR’s Political Advises to PM of India & CM of Bihar. In 2011-12 Bihar Per Capita income was Rs.21,750/-against India average of Rs.63,482/- which was 34.26%, in 2017-18 reduced to 32.86% – respective figures Rs.28,485/- and Rs.85,668/-.


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