Fani Storm total wreaks infra 8 die

Updated 22.55 hours Friday

Met office has issued stern warning of Feni storm to hit West Bengal and Bangladesh next it shall bring colossal loss to West Bengal and Bangladesh as it assumes severe range. More than 223 trains cancelled flights and airports Bhuvneshwar Kolkata closed.5000 kitchen are working in K of shelter homes to accommodate 1.3 million people Evacuated at safer places. Life, activity,action of people in politics,economy and social field has halted. Pregnanted women accommodated in various hospital.

Friday evening around 5.30 PM the Cyclone Fani–currently close to Cuttack in Odisha–is headed for West Bengal. It is also weakening simultaneously, which means it will be a Severe Storm with 90-100 km/h winds by the time it gets there.

Fani is expected to reach Bangladesh Saturday evening as a Cyclonic Storm with 60-70 km/h winds, far weaker than today’s landfall speeds of nearly 200 km/h.

Despite the fact that Fani will have weakened significantly by the time it reaches Kolkata, it could still have potential to do some serious damage, especially in east & west Medinipur, south & north 24 Parganas, Howrah, Hoogli and Kolkata districts. Here’s a look at some of the precautions taken by authorities.

  • Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has shifted to Kharagpur to monitor the situation closely.
  • No flights at Kolkata airport from 3 pm Friday to 8 am Saturday
  • Schools and colleges in Kolkata remained closed on Friday.
  • Billboards have been taken down by Kolkata municipal authorities.
  • Citizens have been asked to remain indoors as far as possible.
  • Quick-response mobile vans have been positioned on the ground by administration
  • Indian Oil Corporation authorities say their refinery in Paradip is geared to continue operating and to ensure uninterrupted supply of fuel to Odisha and West Bengal.

Fani is likely to cross Gangetic West Bengal with the same intensity by early morning on Saturday and continue towards Bangladesh. Extremely heavy rainfalls are likely at isolated places over northern Odisha and coastal districts of West Bengal. TWC met team predicts over 100 mm rainfall in 12 hours on Saturday over Odisha and West Bengal. Flooding possibilities prevail in the region, especially along Mahanadi and Brahmani Rivers.

 Navy has started transporting relief material to cyclone-affected people along the east coast. The Coast Guard also has positioned 34 Relief Teams and 4 ships along the coastline from Vizag to Kolkata. Three Navy ships are also monitoring the current situation.

A government spokesperson said that around 160 people have reportedly been injured due to the storm in Odisha.

The latest reports suggest that at least 8 people have been killed so far. Media reports, 3 people were killed in Puri district and 3 others in Bhubaneshwar. One woman was fatally struck from flying debris of a concrete structure in Nayagarh, while an elderly woman was killed in Kendrapara district.More further news of loss of life trickle out next 48 hrs from remote places.

West Bengal – Bangladesh faces strong winds cyclonic storm to accompany rains jhargrams and sunderbans before landfall Bangladesh.

The intensity of cyclonic storm FANI which hit Odisha this morning has weakened. The Extremely Severe Cyclonic storm has reduced to very severe cyclonic storm. It is very likely to continue to move north-northeastwards and weaken further into a severe cyclonic storm. 

FANI is likely to hit coastal areas of West Bengal tonight or tomorrow morning. Several districts, including East and West Midnapore, North and South 24 Parganas, Howrah, Hooghly, Jhargram and Sundarbans are likely to be hit by the storm before it moves towards Bangladesh. 

A warning has been issued in the state. All precautionary measures have been taken to deal with evolving situation. 

Reports from Kolkata said that a special control room has been set up at the State headquarters for round-the-clock monitoring of the situation.

NDRF teams have been put on standby in the state as well as Odisha and Andhra Pradesh. 

The Indian Coast Guard and the Navy have deployed ships and helicopters for relief and rescue operations. Army and Air Force units in the three States have also been put on standby.

In Odisha, the storm left a trail of destruction after making landfall in Puri district this morning. 

Thousand of trees, electric poles were uprooted and thatched houses destroyed at some places including Bhubaneswar and Jagatsinghpur. It triggered heavy rainfall coupled with high-velocity winds of 175 to 200 kmph. 

Torrential rain occurred in several parts of the State, including Puri, Bhubaneswar, Khurda, Ganjam, Jagatsinghpur. Puri town and adjoining areas were submerged as heavy downpours battered the entire coastal belt.

The State government undertook a massive operation and evacuated around 11 lakh people to safety in 13 districts and have been accommodated in over 4,200 shelters, including 880 specially designed cyclone centres. 

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