Uruguayan beauty queen found dead

Uruguayan beauty queen who represented her country at the Miss Universe and Miss World pageants was found dead Thursday in a Mexico City hotel room, investigators said.


Police responding to an early-morning emergency call found the woman in a bathroom at the hotel, which is located in a central neighbourhood of the Mexican capital, the local prosecutor´s office said in a statement.

An investigation source, speaking on condition of anonymity, identified her as Fatimih Davila, 31, who represented her country at the Miss Universe pageant in 2006 and the Miss World pageant in 2008.

An Instagram account in Davila´s name said she had been working as a model in Mexico.

“Initial investigations have established that the woman… arrived in Mexico City on April 23. An acquaintance helped her move into the above-mentioned hotel ahead of a job interview,” the prosecution statement said.

Davila´s page on the Miss World website said her interests included skydiving, reading and dancing, and that her motto was “Enjoy every moment in your life.”

It is the latest in a series of crimes targeting foreign women in Mexico.

Mexican authorities have broken up numerous sex trafficking rings in recent months. The women are generally promised jobs such as modelling, then kidnapped and forced into prostitution.

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