Meng wanzhou arrest is political

Chinese tech giant #Huawei said on Wed that the company has always been confident in the innocence of its CFO, Meng Wanzhou, who was arrested in #Vancouver, Canada, last December at the request of the US, calling the arrest an unlawful abuse of process.

Solicitors for Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou argued in a Canadian court on Wednesday that her arrest was unlawful.

The Chinese tech giant’s chief financial officer was arrested in Canada in December. She was indicted in the US in January on fraud and other charges related to alleged violations of sanctions on Iran. The US Justice Department has asked that Canada extradite her.

Meng has been living at her Vancouver home since being released on bail in December.

She appeared in court on Wednesday to decide how the hearings should proceed.

Meng arrived at the court through the front doors this time, in contrast to her March appearance, when she arrived through an underground parking lot.

Her lawyers characterized her arrest as political and unlawful, saying there are no grounds to hand her over to the US.

They asked the court to allow her to move from her 4 million dollar home to another one worth more than 10 million dollars that has been under refurbishment. They argued that the move would help to ensure her safety. The court accepted the request.

Meng is scheduled to next appear in court on September 23 in what could be a lengthy and drawn out extradition process.

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