S Africa General Election

People in South Africa to vote in a general election on Wednesday. The focus is on whether the ruling African National Congress can retain its majority amid public discontent with economic inequality and corruption.

Four hundred seats are up for grabs in the general election, which is held every five years.

The ANC has been in power since the country held its first democratic election in 1994 following the end of apartheid.

South Africa is drawing global attention and investment as an emerging economy, but there is a significant wealth gap between majority blacks and minority whites.

Corruption scandals have raised public frustration with the ANC to an unprecedented level.
The Economic Freedom Fighters have been gaining support, mainly from young voters. The party has pledged to seize land from white farmers.

The election outcome will affect President Cyril Ramaphosa’s reelection bid and the stability of the government.

Vote counts are expected to be available on Saturday at the earliest.

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