Thai Election hung parliament

Thailand, the Election Commission today announced the final results of the March 24th general election that gave no party an absolute majority. 

Thai vote results show no winner but army-backed party favoured.

Thai vote shows no winner so ‘Prayuth Party’ favoured with its proximity to force.

Thaksin-linked Pheu Thai party won the most lower house seats with 136 posing a legitimacy crisis for Prayuth should he become prime minister.

Pheu Thai threatened to take legal action over the formula used to calculate seats, calling the Election Commission’s action “an intentional abuse of the law and against the constitution”.

This is part of a lower house coalition with six other parties, including upstart newcomer Future Forward headed by telegenic billionaire Thanathorn Juangroongruangkit, who led the youth-oriented force to third place in the popular vote and 80 seats.

But Thanathorn has been hounded by legal complaints that the rising star has blasted as “political sabotage”.

He said in a press conference on Wednesday that Future Forward was ready to talk to any party “that does not support Prayuth as a prime minister in order for our democracy to move forward”.

Thai Democracy’s to again go for horse trading and further add to corruption with junta Senate to gain power in formation of coalition collendrum.Thai needs to have constitution which can take care of Junta Senate creating upper house with frugal central role in governance to give democracy to take shapes in favor of citizen and economical development of Thailand which has abundant synergies in its geographical location for trade tech and it’s culture.

The Commission distributed 150 party-list seats in the 500-member House of Representatives under a complicated formula related to each party’s nationwide popular vote total. 

Twenty-six parties were granted seats, 14 of them one apiece, while one seat was held open pending a re-vote in one constituency where the winning candidate was disqualified.

Palang Pracharath was awarded 18 party list seats today, while the rival Pheu Thai party associated with former Prime Minster Thaksin Shinawatra received none.

Neither party received a majority, and both are attempting to put together coalitions with smaller parties to form a government.The Future Forward Party, which shares Pheu Thai’s anti-military stance, has agreed to join it in a coalition and ranks third in seats. 

Thailand has been under military rule since 2014, when the military ousted a government led by Pheu Thai. 

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