Government policy for OSP registrations

Government policy for OSP registrations, as BPO sector represents largest employment opportunity in ICVT sector. This flows com TRAI consultation paper and the National Digital Communications Policy, 2018, which gives focus to new technologies and OSP regulatory framework. There are lacunas and gaps in the present regulatory framework for OSPs and there is a need to simplify the terms, including restrictions on interconnectivity. The clause 2.1.C of NCDP in this behalf says:
Para 2.1 C: Simplifying and facilitating Compliance Obligations by:  
i.              Reducing license and regulatory compliance requirements keeping in view best international practices
ii.             Simplifying existing systems and procedures for grant of licenses, approvals, clearances, permissions and developing a comprehensive end-to-end online platform
iii.            Specifying timelines within which various types of licenses, permissions and clearances shall be provided by the relevant administrative offices
iv.                 Improving the Terms and Conditions for ‘Other Service Providers’, including definitions, compliance requirements and restrictions on inter-connectivity

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