Congress demands information on Iran policy


With growing tension between Iran and US with warships missiles facing each other the two nation preparedness on various issue lately bring sanction on Iran Russia  North Korea trade barbs with China.With Russia North Korea and China lineup for summit or negotiation thus detrioting US Iran relation obviously Congress Q imminent.

Congress Lawmakers from the Republican and Democratic parties are asking President Donald Trump’s administration to provide detailed information on its Iran policy.

The Trump administration has accused Iran of making military preparations against the United States. It recently dispatched an aircraft carrier to the Middle East in an apparent attempt to put pressure on Iran. It has also instructed some of its diplomats in neighboring Iraq to evacuate.

At a Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing on Wednesday, Democratic Senator Bob Menendez said the Trump administration has not provided any information to Congress on the intelligence behind its recent series of actions and what it plans to do in Iran or Iraq.

Republican Senator Mitt Romney said he hopes the administration will give a briefing to the committee.

A senior British military officer stationed in the Middle East says he doesn’t think there is any heightened danger from Iran.

Some US media reports say the actions by the Trump administration could worsen the situation.

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