Tension Persian Gulf

The Japanese and Iranian foreign ministers met on Thursday to discuss the growing tensions in the Persian Gulf.

Japanese Foreign Minister Taro Kono told his Iranian counterpart Javad Zarif that to maintain stability in the region, Iran needs to comply with the 2015 nuclear deal signed with major world powers.

The US has sent a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier and bomber aircraft to the Gulf. In response, Iran announced it was scaling back compliance with the nuclear deal.

With tensions rising, Zarif arrived in Tokyo late on Wednesday and met Kono on Thursday morning.

Kono told Zarif that Japan has serious concerns about the situation. He said he would spare no effort to help ease tensions and resolve outstanding issues.

Kono asked Iran to exercise restraint to prevent tensions from rising further.

Zarif said the escalation of tensions by the US was unacceptable. He described Iran’s recent actions as the exercise of its rights within the framework of the nuclear deal.

Zarif expressed eagerness to work with Japan to defuse the situation.

The two foreign ministers confirmed their continued cooperation to resolve outstanding issues based on the longstanding friendship between their countries.58543744_10218240293860363_8974202704633004032_o

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif says Iran won’t be responsible for escalating tensions in the Persian Gulf.

Zarif spoke to reporters in Tokyo on Thursday after meeting with Japanese Foreign Minister Taro Kono.

He said the meeting was a good opportunity to discuss the tense situation.

He said Iran would not be the party that begins to escalate tensions, but would defend itself and respond to any threats against its national security.

Zarif said he discussed with Kono how to prevent a further escalation of tensions, and how the international community could step in to save the 2015 nuclear deal signed with major world powers.

He called Japan an important economic partner and asked Tokyo to play a positive role. He said he hoped Japanese companies would maintain their business ties with Iran

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