Brexit talks May & Corbyn at dead end

Crucial talks between United Kingdom Prime Minister Theresa May and Opposition Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn aimed at breaking the Brexit impasse have ended without an agreement.

Wile, Mr Corbyn blamed the government’s ‘increasing weakness and instability’, Ms May said the lack of a common position over a further referendum in Labour party had made talks difficult.

The Labour leader, in a tweet, reiterated that without significant changes, his party will continue to oppose the government’s deal.

He said that Labour party does not believe the present withdrawal agreement can safeguard jobs, living standards and manufacturing industry in Britain.

The Labour Party has been in favour of a form of a common customs arrangement with the European Union (EU) that keeps the UK aligned with its European neighbours on trade tariffs post-Brexit.

Britain’s exit from the 28-member EU had been due to take place on March 29. However, after MPs voted down the deal that Ms May had negotiated with the bloc three times, the EU gave the UK an extension until October 31.

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