Pro-democracy hold up Hongkong Airport

Hundreds of pro-democracy protesters stage new rally at Hong Kong airport

Hundreds of pro-democracy protesters staged a new rally today at Hong Kong’s airport, a day after a massive demonstration there triggered a shutdown at the busy international travel hub. Only a handful of protesters stayed through the night, and flights resumed at the airport early in the morning. But by afternoon, several hundred demonstrators had returned, responding to a call for a new rally.

Protesters were wearing the signature black of the movement that began in opposition to a bill allowing extradition to mainland China but has morphed into a broader call for democratic freedoms. They chanted “Stand with Hong Kong, stand for freedom,” as passengers scrambling to catch rescheduled and delayed flights.

Authorities cancelled all remaining flights into and out of the airport on Monday afternoon after thousands of protesters flooded the building.
Operations resumed early this morning, but a massive backlog of cancelled flights meant many take-offs were being delayed or cancelled.

Hong Kong, Police used tear gas against thousands of protesters last night as the city enters its 10th week of mass demonstrations and unrest. According to media reports in the Wan Chai district, petrol bombs and bricks were thrown at riot police who responded by charging at protesters with batons. A number of people, including a police officer, were injured in the clashes.

Tear gas was also used in central Hong Kong on both sides of Victoria Harbour, in the Tsim Sha Tsui area on the Kowloon side and in Wan Chai on Hong Kong Island. The protests followed a night of hit-and-run rallies across the city and came after Hong Kong’s leader, Carrie Lam, maintained that she would not meet the demands of demonstrators, who are calling for her to step down.

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