FM Qureshi ready to dialogue

Pakistan PM Imran Khan cry foul is exposed with terror unabated in Afghanistan and cross border terrorism. Imran assurance to Trump peace in Afghanistan is critical with bombing and blast frequently happening, cease fire violation are daily experience by the neighbouring countries. US troops exodus from Afghanistan is chief agenda finds Pakistan crying foul and spreading canards sickening to contain terrorism. Pakistan ISI and army design to train terrorist and attack neighbouring countries is daily encounter of international intelligence.

Taliban insurgents on Saturday launched a multi-pronged assault on Kunduz, a strategically important city in northern Afghanistan that has come under frequent attack since 2015.

The ongoing offensive came as the US and the Taliban continue to seek an agreement in Doha that would see thousands of American troops leave Afghanistan in return for various security guarantees.

Afghanistan and Pakistan is an important geopolitical nation for US to keep her interventions in Asia in big way and needs permanent friends to find its base to counter the other Super powers Russia and China in check.Thus Pakistan with its lies and fake news will finds its disintegration automatically in two to three entities.

Pakistan tattered economy shall prove beneficial to US in getting its access in Balochistan, and Pok back in kitty of India due to citizen of PoK prefer India rather than pakistan with no development but corruption at all levels. UK the mentor of Pakistan finds itself in catch situation keep Pakistan pep up for reasons best known to them. With most of their attention on Brexit and reliance on EU and US, Britain has to struggle with its democracy back on rails.

In abridging the diplomacy stances, US exodus Afghanistan. US need base against big power Russia and China to bring Tibet too free in near future. Reasons for PoK and Balloch to be free from Pakistan In abridging the diplomacy stances

Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi on Saturday said that Pakistan was ready to hold dialogue with India on all outstanding issues provided that New Delhi agreed to ease tensions in Indian-Occupied Kashmir (IoK). 

Qureshi made the offer while talking to United Kingdom-based news outlet British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) and stressed that Pakistan had always welcomed dialogue with India. 

“Pakistan has never refused to negotiate, but India has never created the right atmosphere needed for dialogue,” said the foreign minister. He also added that Pakistan had no objection to bilateral talks. 

“Pakistan has no objection to bilateral talks, and any third-party support or mediation will also be welcomed,” remarked Qureshi. The statement from Qureshi follows a similar comment made by PM Imran Khan in an opinion piece for The New York Times on Friday. 

In a shift from official policy on bilateral talks with India so far, PM Imran had on Friday said that talks would India could go ahead only if New Delhi agreed to reverse the illegal annexation of Kashmir. 

FM Qureshi appeared to elaborate on the statement made by the premier, outlining that bilateral talks with India hinged on Delhi ending curfew in IoK, restoring human rights, and releasing detained Kashmiri leaders. 

“In an environment where curfew is enforced, people are suffering from life and death, gang rapes are taking place, people are being held in captivity, I don’t see any negotiating environment,” said the minister. 

Earlier in August, India had revoked the special constitutional autonomy of the occupied valley and imposed a military curfew in the area following the decision. 

Thousands of Kashmiris have been detained since, and nearly 700,000 troops deployed to quash dissent. Allegations of torture and abuse of those detained by Indian security forces have been pouring in. 

FM Qureshi ruled out war with India in his interview to the UK-based news outlet, saying that Pakistan had never adopted an aggressive foreign policy and always called for peaceful resolution of disputes. 

“The two neighboring countries with nuclear weapons cannot afford the risk of war. People will be destroyed by war and the world will be affected by this as well,” elaborated Qureshi. 

The foreign minister also talked about Pakistan’s relations with the Gulf countries, other Muslim nations, and the United States in his interview, praising the role Pakistani allies have played to highlight the Kashmir cause on the international stage. 

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