US: Transparency in Afghan peace


Pres. Ghani on 5th round of talks with Taliban in Qatar, said Head of Afghan HPC secretariat, Umar Daudzai said. It comes after Afghanistan’s national security adviser accused Khalilzad of lack of transparency on peace process.

Former Afghanistan president Karzai calls on U.S. to Observe Complete Transparency in Afghan Peace Talks

An influential group of three lawmakers has sought assurance from the Trump administration that it will make available to the Congress the full text of any agreement signed with the Taliban. 

In a letter to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, the three Congressmen also sought assurances that any deal signed would verifiably require the Taliban to break ties with all its terrorist allies, including in Pakistan, and that withdrawal of US troops will be conditioned on an agreement between the Afghan government and the Taliban. 

In the letter, the Congressmen — Tom Malinowski, Mike Gallagher and Brad Sherman — asked for a written commitment that there will be no secret understandings or annexes with the Taliban that will not be shared with the Congress. 

Mr Malinowski said, it’s time for the administration to talk to the Congress, not just to the Taliban, about the future of Afghanistan. He said, we need to make sure that any withdrawal of US forces does not come at the cost of everything they fought for. 

In their letter, the three lawmakers asked whether the Taliban’s commitment to break with international terrorists also extend to Taliban activities in Pakistan.

Further Hamid Karzai met the Afghan Women’s Network on Saturday. In support of the peace process, the meeting emphasized transparency in the process and the need for inclusive national participation in peace talks

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