Hong Kong protest Pro-democracy to political Reforms

Today situation get more worse when morning, Chinese University of Hong Kong students rally to demand political reform.

Hong Kong rail system faces delays as protesters target trains

after the arrest of Joshua Wong and Agnes Chow Ting, members of the pro-democracy Demosisto party the protesters were on aggression. Hong Kong, pro-democracy protesters threw train travel this morning into chaos, kicking off another day of potential turmoil after a weekend featuring some of the worst violence in three months of anti-government protests.  Later they were released on bail.

Protesters dressed in their signature black stood at doorways of trains, stopping them from closing, at a series of stations on the underground system, causing major delays on the network.

Anti-extradition bill protesters take part in the march to demand democracy and political reforms in Hong Kong

On Saturday, Hong Kong residents are holding a large-scale protest timed to the fifth anniversary of China’s refusal to introduce universal suffrage in the special administrative region. Despite the fact that the rally has been banned by authorities and subsequently cancelled by the organizers, the latter believe that people could still show up.

Protesters say they plan to choke travel routes to the airport on Sunday, following street violence during the night. Demonstrators were seen throwing petrol bombs at police, who retaliated with water cannons and tear gas.

Hong Kong’s Mass Transit Railway (MTR) has been repeatedly targeted by so-called ‘pro-democracy’ protesters. Numerous videos have documented demonstrators assaulting commuters using the city’s subway system.

The mass protests in Hong Kong initially started in early June as a reaction to proposed amendments to the city’s legislation that would allow extradition to mainland China. The city’s chief executive, Carrie Lam, has since declared the bill to be “dead” although according to protesters it has not been officially scrubbed from the record.

The global financial hub is in the midst of an unprecedented crisis as a largely leaderless movement has drawn millions on to the streets to protest over alleged an erosion of freedoms and increasing interference in their affairs by Beijing. 

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