A discovery of massive exoplanet

Astronomers have discovered a gigantic exoplanet with a truly bizarre and extreme orbit that flings it around its star like a slingshot. Astronomers just found a giant exoplanet three times more massive than Jupiter that loops around its host star on a highly elliptical path. A planet, known as HR 5183 b, were magically dropped into our solar system, its orbit would reach inside that of Jupiter but extend way out beyond the path of Neptune, discovery team members said.

Exoplanet HR 5183-b doesn’t have the usual circular orbit that most planets have. Instead, the planet, which has three times the mass of Jupiter, has a long, oval orbit and slingshots around in a manner that is more like a comet, exciting new research from Caltech astronomers has found

“This planet is unlike the planets in our Solar System, but more than that, it is unlike any other exoplanets we have discovered so far,”said study lead author Sarah Blunt.

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