Economy Was Limping Till 2014

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Economy Was Limping Till 2014, Crawling Since Then —

September03, 2019 (C) Ravinder Singh ravindersinvent@gmail.comWhen sales of ALTO & WagonR drop by 72% – it is clear signal Economy is in Deep Dive andeven top 1% Households are IMPACTED which generally are untouched by recessions.Indian economy had been LIMPING till 2014, Crawling since then. This WIPO awarded inventor had alerted GOI since 1975 onwards in Writing to PRIME MINISTERS.When India started production of STEAM & Diesel Locos before 1970 – JAPAN introducedBULLET TRAIN – USA introduced Boeing 747 Jumbo Jet, Apollo Mission Landed on Moon and Humans first walked on moon. India in 1967 Imported ‘Seeds of Dwarf Wheat’ which came with WEEDS as MS Swaminathan had no idea that SEEDS HAD TO BE CLEANED OF WEEDS & FUNGAL Diseases.FLYING MAIL first train in north India on present day Delhi Ambala Line introduced after 1970 averaged less than 50 kmph, 370 kmph in 8 hours. Rajdhani Trains were introduced hauled byDiesel Engines average 70 kmph. I was advising GOI that DOUBLING OF TRACKS is more important than Converting METER GAUGE LINES TO BROAD GAUGE – in 40 YEARS India still has METER GAUGE Lines.Three DECADES after Independence – 1975 – Indian Oil in announcing a ‘Contest for An Improved and Efficient Kerosene Stove’ – ADMITTED INDIA TILL THEN HAD NO EFFICIENT & RELIABLE KEROSENE STOVE. This was the time I Began Inventing – INDIAN OIL, NRDC, DS&T openly cheated in matters of Kerosene Stove – Indian Oil instead of PROMOTING PRIVATE COMPANIES – Introduced its OWN SHABBY UN-RELIABLE KEROSENE STOVE ‘NUTAN’.India built BHAKRA Dam in 1965, three decades after HOOVER Dam which meant Punjab presently contributes 32 million tones of Food-grains – India built hundreds but couldn’t repeat similar Productivity – 60% of INDUS WATER in India allocated to Haryana & Rajasthan was Less Productive to Largely Wasted.Economic Parasites – Money Lenders and Traders who EXPLOITED Indians and Indian Farmers, essential for COLLECTING TAXES FOR BRITISH RULERS, Didn’t Go With British.Common Man and FARMERS REAL DISPOSABLE income had declined, due to Steep Increase in INPUTS COST and PUBLIC SERVICES, but no real increase in Wages or Food Prices – Quality of Foods Supplied had Declined.Mega SEZs, Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor, Dedicated Freight Corridors, MNREGS, Not Approving GM Foods, CRIPLED PATENT OFFICE, Manmohan S. Flop Programs.When RAMPAL YADAV who took Rs.5 Crore Loan to Produce a FILM – which flopped – he is Put in JAIL to RECOVER Rs.12 Cr LOAN WITH INTEREST – RCOM ANIL AMBANI HAD DEFAULTED On Rs.49,000 Cr, to pay Rs.10,000 Cr Discount.Indian Institutions Credibility IMPACTED – Led to Economic Crash.INVENTING INDIA THINK TANK – INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGIES & PROJECTSInnovative Energy, Power, Transport, Water, Smart Cities, Manufacturing, IT, Agro Projects & TechnologiesY-77, Hauz Khas, New, Delhi-110016, India. Ph: 8826415770, 9871056471, 9871711430

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