Brits Parliament suspended

UK Parliament has officially been suspended or prorogued today for five weeks, with MPs not due back until 14 October.

Amid unprecedented scenes in the Commons, some MPs protested against the suspension by the government, with signs saying silenced while shouting: “Shame on you.” It comes after Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s bid to call a snap election in October was defeated for a second time.

Opposition MPs refused to back it, insisting a law blocking a no-deal Brexit must be implemented first. In all, 293 MPs voted for the prime minister’s motion for an early election, far short of the two-thirds needed.

As Speaker John Bercow – who earlier announced his resignation – was due to lead MPs in a procession to the House of Lords to mark the suspension, a group of angry opposition backbenchers tried to block his way.

During the five-week suspension, parties will hold their annual conferences but no debates, votes or committee scrutiny sessions will take place. Parliament’s suspension means MPs will not get another chance to vote for an early election until they return, meaning a poll would not be possible until November at the earliest.

British lawmakers have rejected Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s bid to call a snap election for the second time in less than a week.

Johnson submitted the motion late Monday. But it failed to gain the required two-thirds’ support in the House of Commons. Many MPs are believed to have abstained.

Johnson wanted to hold the election in mid-October, to break the deadlock in Parliament and carry out the country’s exit from the EU as planned on October 31.

Despite the vote, Johnson reiterated that he aims to meet the deadline, with or without a deal. He said that while his government will press on with negotiating a deal with the EU, it will not delay Brexit any further.

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