Violent Protests in Ecuador

Protests erupt for 6th day over fuel subsidy cuts | Ecuador News Quito, Ecuador – Paralysing protests in Ecuador continued on Tuesday over a series of labour and tax reforms and President Lenin Moreno’s decision to scrap decades old fuel subsidies.

Emergency declared in Ecuador. All streets were shut down due to a transit strike. Authorities confirmed that 19 people have been arrested so far in as protests erupt in Quito against the economic measures announced by President Moreno.

Moreno issued a decree that restricted movement from 8pm to 5am local time around government buildings.  

Tuesday’s demonstrations came less than 24 hours after President Moreno moved his administration out of Quito following nearly a week of anti-austerity protests that paralysed public transportation and brought hundreds of arrests.

Government has hiked fuel hundred of protesters are arrested many found access in parliament. Ecuador economy to detrioting as nation unrest takes dimensions unending damaging government properties with no sight of end of unrest.

President Moreno said Fuel subsidies, cost gov $1.3bn annually, no longer affordable. Gov agreed to cut public spending as part of a loan deal with the IMF. Agreement, signed in March, allows Ecuador to borrow $4.2bn (£3.4bn).

Protesters have clashed with security forces inside Ecuador’s heavily guarded parliament after days of unrest forced President Lenin Moreno to move the government out of the capita Quito had temporarily moved government operations from the capital to the port city of Guayaquil.

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