Two killed in German city of Halle

Germany, at least two people have been killed in an attack in the eastern city of Halle. A spokesman of the city’s hospital told, two people also suffered serious bullet wounds in the attack. Halle city of Eastern Germany ecountered shooting.

Deadly shooting at various locations police asked natives to stay indoor.

Shooter were carrying multiple weapons guns and hurl of Grenade attack at Synagogue.

One shooter arrested, rest flee in car in direction towards Munich.

German city Halle shooting witness said shooter were wearing mask and everything happened in short moments put in shock. Multiple weapons attackers had flee in car shooting happened near synagogue police arrested one attackers.

According to media reports, the shooting occurred near a synagogue while the Jewish community was observing Yom Kippur. 

The police have detained one suspect, but have warned that others may remain at large.
An unauthenticated video circulating in German media showed a man wearing a helmet, getting out of a vehicle before firing several shots in the air.

Shooting in Halle city in front of synagogue jewish festival possible multiple shooting. German Halle city police ask residents to stay indoor for multiple shooting as onlooker saw shooter with multiple weapons.

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