Smog Envelops City of Sydney

There were 96 fires burning in New South Wales, in vicinity of Oz largest city of Sydney, with only about a half contained and more than 1,600 firefighters deployed to douse wildfire. Tweets attracted, Very sad to see our friends in the southern hemisphere suffering , NZ with the volcano and tragic deaths and seeing the wonderful city of Sydney engulfed in horrid smoke from the bush fires.

ScottMorrisonMP·Our firefighters battling the bushfires are truly amazing. Today I visited the @NSWRFS in Wilberforce to say thanks for everything they’re doing and to get the latest update from @RFSCommissioner Shane Fitzsimmons on the fires.tweet of Dec8.

Wildfires engulfed the Australian city of Sydney yesterday, in a thick haze. In some places, it was 11 times worse than the level considered hazardous and was apt to trigger fire alarms. The city cancelled ferries and some offices in the downtown area were evacuated.

Local health officials advised people to stay indoors as much as possible and those with heart and lung problems were told to avoid all outdoor activity.

The regional environmental department said the air quality index, or AQI, in some parts of Sydney was more than 11 times the 200 reading considered hazardous. Forecasts showed the wind would likely clear the air somewhat but also will fan the brush fires.

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