PM ‘Brain-Storming’, FM & Niti Ayog Prefer All old Ideas

January01, 2020 (C) Ravinder Singh

New Year 2020 began for India with two side by side Front Page stories in ET, PM ‘Brainstorming’ and FM Sitharaman to go ahead with Rs.102 Lakh Cr Worth Infra Projects – Rs.42.7 Lakh crore worth projects, almost half are leftover of past six years or more, to roll out in 11th year 2025.

Earlier also PM had inducted Secretaries or Joint Secretaries from Private Sector – but it was too few and many of them were FAKES.

Clearly Economy is in Nose Dive as if it had run out of fuel, there is no EFFORT to hire a new PILOT to take charge of NITI AYOG and put the economy on NOSE UP Flight Path.

Entire NITI AYOG is full of DULLARDS – at least CEO should be the BEST in India.

NITI AYOG should be able to LEAD the economy – Monitor the Economy on Real Time Basis – Take Administrative Action Against THUGS Without Delay – FIX the Hindrances and Clear CHOKE POINTS in Economy etc – Multitasking Capability.

Most Important of All – OFFERED INNOVATIVE IDEAS Already since 1974.


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