Tsai Ing-wen defends anti-infiltration law

Tsai Ing-wen defends anti-infiltration law aimed at China

China has been relentless in its attempts to influence and infiltrate Taiwan’s politics and society, but the island’s new ban on political interference should have no effect on normal exchanges between the sides.

This was stated by Taiwan’s President in her New Year’s address.

The Anti-Subversion Law obtained a third and final approval in Taiwan’s legislature today. It aims to prevent illegal campaign contributions, staging of political events, spread of misinformation and other acts by foreigners that could affect Taiwan’s elections or government work.

It was denounced by the opposition and by China’s Cabinet, but President Tsai Ing-wen defended it as having no effect on normal interactions. She said, the law’s passage won’t have any effect on freedom or violate human rights, and won’t influence normal commercial exchanges.

Tsai added that it will provide greater guarantees from Taiwan’s freedom and democracy.

Given China’s similar actions in other countries, Taiwan’s failure to prevent interference could give the impression it is untroubled by Beijing’s actions.

Tsai cited the continuing protests in Hong Kong as proof its governing framework, which Beijing proposes for Taiwan, is untenable.

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