Taiwan military helicopter crash

Air Force General Shen Yi-ming killed in helicopter crash, says defence ministry, and seven other people died in a crash in the mountains outside of Taipei. Copter was carrying military personnel to an event in northeastern Taiwan when it went down on a wooded mountainside.

Black Hawk helicopter was carrying 13 people, including Shen Yi-ming, an air force general who served as the chief of general staff of Taiwan’s armed forces. The helicopter left Songshan Airport in Taipei, the capital, shortly before 8 a.m. to fly to Yilan County in northeastern Taiwan for an inspection, the military said.

The last contact with the helicopter was at 8:07 a.m.


Chief of the Taiwanese General Staff Shen Yi-min was among eight killed in a military helicopter crash on Thursday, Chinese state media reported.A black hawk helicopter (UH-60M) with 13 onboard crashed on Thursday morning in the mountains outside the capital of Taipei, reported China Daily.

Earlier, it was reported that 10 people have survived the incident but the defence ministry of Taiwan stated that only five survivors had been rescued. The cause of the incident remains unknown. — ANI

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