“Surendra Kumar Sagar’s third book,

The present book and my two earlier publications `SIX WORDS` and `INTELLIGENT FIELD` have more or less similar objectives, towards uniting the world`s religions into a single religion whose essence is nothing other than `Peaceful coexistence`, and   `To live and let live`.

Book Review

“Surendra Kumar Sagar’s third book, ‘Bright Light In The Sky’ follows the trajectory of his earlier books in being profound, provocative and probing.

Reading Mr. Sagar’s latest contribution, I am reminded of Edward Gibbon’s ‘Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire,’ which is a narrative through a thousand years. We see the greatness of that Empire at its height, its military organisation, its provincial administration, its welter of races, the rise and clash of two religions, and the passage of Greek philosophy into Christian theology. But it is Gibbon who speaks throughout this ‘history’.

Mr. Sagar’s saga resonates with similar vibrations. The ideas, events and instances described in his book are not his creation, but the voice you hear is the inimitable one of Surendra Kumar Sagar, weaving a tapestry of thought and philosophy, ushering a grand confluence of ideas and conundrums, displaying the need for convergence of imagination, as a compass for our elusive quest for a sense of the future, on the journey yet to be.”

Shoumen Palit Austin Datta

Director MIT

Academician, Author, Research Scientist at MIT.


      If `This` happens .. then `That` is likely to happen .. and if `That` is not good for the world .. then `This` should not be allowed to happen.

     Something happened in California in Early November 2015, when people saw a mysterious bright light in the sky. It was a direct consequence of Einstein`s Special Relativity Theory. A lot of things are happening, which are all a direct consequence of Einstein`s theories.

       The scientist Lee Smolin – in order to understand the laws of science – suggests we should regard quantum theory as the record of quantum information that one subsystem may have about another subsystem as a result of their mutual interaction.In other words, the universe—as suggested by scientist Seth Lloyd—can be considered to be a quantum computer. One may ask the question, “But what does the universe compute?” Lloyd gives the answer: “It computes its own behaviour. At first, the patterns it produces are simple, but as it processes more and more information, it produces more intricate and complex patterns—on the physical side, giving rise to galaxies, stars, and planets, while on the human side, producing life, language, human beings, society and culture.”

       My own idea is that all this happens in a field, and when sufficient information is accumulated in the field, it becomes an intelligent field, in which the intelligence in the field keeps increasing all the time, and this intelligence (like that of an infinite mind) is focused on creating biochemistries suitable for creating awareness and consciousness to understand itself.

         So it boils down to this : It is the information in the field that is responsible for what happens in reality—that reality  then becomes the information that is responsible for what happens next. Hence, it can be said that information creates reality, which creates information, which creates reality, and so on. The complexities keep rising all the time.

          In this book I provide all that `Information`, on what has been happening on the planet Earth since the beginning of the 20th century. `Information in the Field`, as transmitted to my brain by the Interactions of the world on me.

        So, I place all the cards on the table, make some assumptions, do some calculations and arrive at some conclusions on what lies ahead for the human race, and what are our chances of survival from extinction, if good sense does not prevail.

       And what does extinction mean? … Simply this: `That all the billions of souls (currently about 7.5 billion) come out in the open, into the atmosphere, or maybe stranded in interstellar space, with no biochemistry available on the planet Earth, to get back into human consciousness again`.

       Finally, I give my humble views on what can be that `Good sense` that can save us from extinction. 

       So, if it turns out that the great leaders of nations `that matter` are some day going to assemble in a conference with the primary aim of saving humanity from nuclear self-destruction, they should arrive at the conference with an unbiased approach and a  neutral perspective, they should not consider themselves to be belonging to this or that nation, or to this or that religion, they should be members of a team of experts, completely focussed in first understanding the problems, and then adopting an integrated approach to resolve the problems. Above all, they should be well prepared and be in possession of all the `Information in the Field` as provided in this book.

        Never mind the source of all the information, and the extent to which extracts from these sources have been utilized. This was necessary to make the story crisp, interesting, and engaging. and a reflection of contemporary state of affairs on this subject. I am convinced that these will add an element of relevance and interest for a reader who cares about the matters of the world.  I have adequately and appropriately referenced these.

        Three chapters ( Chapters Three, Five, and Six) are on Science and Philosophy, leading ultimately to the development of a model of philosophy that has the best chance to find a global acceptance, that can pave the way towards uniting the world`s religions into a single religion whose essence is nothing other than `Peaceful coexistence`, and   `To live and let live`.

         The present book and my two earlier publications `SIX WORDS` and `INTELLIGENT FIELD` have more or less similar objectives. At broad level the idea is to develop a model of philosophy that looks at the possibility of an existential truth that can ultimately bind the universe together, a model of philosophy that has the best chance of finding acceptance worldwide. All three books are essentially Mind and Consciousness Studies. All three of them explain how and why the universe is obliged to make sense, towards a unity of consciousness, that ensures bright future for life in general, including life on the planet Earth. All three books discuss  – in varying details –  about the Nuclear Geopolitics of the world and the dangers faced by the human beings due to impending nuclear wars that threaten in a big way the continued existence of mankind. And finally, all three books are in depth explorations into how the human beings can come together to change the course of history.

Nevertheless .. Each of the three books .. has a certain `Specialness` about it that is explained below:

In `SIX WORDS` which I treat as some kind of my autobiography, whence I arrive in the universe as a quark during the first second of the big bang, then I progress to become an atom of Hydrogen, and my journey through the cosmos leads me to a star about to die. The star becomes a Supernova and in the process of nucleosynthesis, I get converted into a carbon atom and explode out of the star and after God knows how many millions of years, I arrive on the planet Earth. On Earth I become an organic molecule, perhaps equipped with a soul. And again, after God knows how many millions of years and countless varieties of lives, I finally become a Structural Engineer. In the process in simple language I explain to the readers the salient aspects of Cosmology. 

My autobiography continues. I read.. a large number of books on Quantum Physics and cosmology  ..and I get confused with such complexities like `Non Objectivity` .. `Observer Created Realities` .. `Particle wave duality` .. `The collapse of the wave function` .. `The Probability Wave` ..  above all that non-local action .. that Entanglement ..and so on .. so confusing. And then I get philosophical, what else could I do .. And then I get some ideas ..  I can`t say visions.

And then there is a breakthrough ..  The SIX WORDS strike me .. and with that striking blow comes the idea that I should write a book.

And so one Saturday morning after breakfast .. with expected two rounds of coffee .. with Rachmaninoff’s Piano Concerto No 3 playing on the music system. I compose a full chapter -all of forty odd pages – on Quantum Entanglement. And in the process .. in simple language .. I explain to the readers .. rather put it on a platter for them .. the complete story of the sequential development of the science of quantum physics, as it happened over the years. Finally I discuss the philosophical impacts of quantum Physics that led to the Six Words.

So far that was a true story .. and then I get myself  invited to an imaginary seminar .. we can call it a `Seminar held in a Parallel Universe` in which the great scientists and Philosophers of the World  – Some of them Revised Versions of The Original ones – come together and provide their input, give their presentations. Einstein Talks about his `Cosmic Religious Feelings` .. Schrodinger and Sherrington talk about the `Oneness of the Mind` and describe the `Flickering Light Thought Experiment` in support of their concept, John Wheeler with his `Law without Law` and `The Participating Observer`, Eugine Wigner with his idea that it is the consciousness of the observer that collapses the wave function, Immanual Kant with his `Unity of Consciousness`, Descartes with his  words `I think therefore I am`, Amaurey De Riencourt  and `Squaring the circle – Beyond the mind` Paul Davies with his profound idea that `God is a mind` and many others.

And then a model of philosophy is developed  that encapsulates the ideas of all the speakers who gave their presentations, and at the centre of this model of philosophy are the `SIX WORDS`

In `INTELLIGENT FIELD` the specialness is several fold. The central theme is the idea of a Travelling Cosmic Mind that can travel not just in Space but also in Time, and in this way it somehow manages to remain forever in an era of the universe where galaxies are forming and stars are shining and  life and consciousness is flourishing at millions of locations in the universe. The `TCM` does not have to proceed to the Non-livable eras of deep future – which  are trillions and trillions times longer lasting than the liveable eras –  as it cannot obtain consciousness there. In principal, this is just about the only way the universe can make sense to the thinking mind. 

The subject of Einstein`s relativity theories is discussed threadbare and it is shown how the idea of the `TCM` is in complete consonance with Einstein`s Relativity Principal (ERP) and adequately takes care of explaining all the various `Causality Violation Paradoxes` which ensue as a consequence of ERP. It is strong and intelligent and will keep producing islands of negative entropy for lives and consciousnesses to flourish and understand the universe, not just for a while, but for all times to come. Without it, the arrow of time will always point to the dissolution of structure into a featureless state of maximum entropy. Indeed, the traveling cosmic mind comes to our rescue and saves us from that bleak future.

It explains the concept of quantum entanglement perfectly. The mere fact that there is such a thing as quantum entanglement implies instant connectivity, and this connectivity is impossible to imagine except by the consideration of an omnipresent mind (omnipresent in time as well as space).

The section on “Intelligent Field In Time“ explains in simple language the `Speculative theories of the Early Universe` as well as of the `Degenerate, Black-hole, and Dark eras of Deep Future` in great elaboration. 

The model of philosophy as worked out in `Six Words` is strengthened still further with  the idea of an `Intelligent Field` and of `The Travelling Cosmic Mind` as described in the book . These ideas  have added a significant new dimension to the quest for knowledge on Philosophy, Religion, Spirituality, Humanism, and other similar paths towards formulating an integrative view of life and the Universe.

Then there is an in-depth and lengthy discussion  – to our heart`s content –  on the subject of `Mind, Body, and Soul` and on the philosophy of `Six Words` as well as on Schrodinger`s Flickering Light Thought experiment, not to mention the linkage of these subjects with the ideas of `Intelligent Field` and the `TCM`. Some people are in agreement, some are in disagreement; some have advised me to be more pragmatic in my approach and not be too excited about the traveling cosmic mind (particularly the traveling part). Some have said that all these ideas will remain unverifiable till our present limited consciousness evolves ultimately into infinitemind (IM). However, all have agreed with the idea that mind and consciousness have a central place in the ultimate nature of reality, never mind whether the said idea is not professionally useful to contemporary scientists, or practically useful to build machines. It can be philosophically useful to unite science with religion, to unite people, to unite cultures, to unite religions, to end conflicts and wars, and so on.

Coming now to the present book `Bright Light In The Sky`, its Specialness lies in its coverage of the Nuclear Geopolitics of the World, which is far more comprehensive and elaborate than that provided in `Intelligent Field`, which in turn was far more elaborate than in `Six Words`. It is also more UpToDate, as close as possible to the time  of publication. In fact, the primary reason for writing this third book so soon after the second one is the sudden and sharp deterioration in the world situation, consequent to which the `Bulletin of Atomic Scientists` has shifted the needle of the Doomsday Emblematic Clock from 3 minutes to midnight to as close as 2 minutes to midnight.

In brief, the subject matter of the book is as follows:

The Title “Bright Light in The Sky“ pertains to a Nuclear Test carried out by USA at California, early November, 2015. The book tells the complete sequence of events relating to the Nuclear Geopolitics of the World beginning with Einstein`s Equation and right upto the June 12, 2018 summit between US and North Korea. The Highlight of the book is a mathematical relationship that has been developed between the location of the needle of the `Doomsday Emblematic Clock` as periodically worked out by the authors of the journal “The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists“, and the probability of a Nuclear attack taking place anywhere on the planet Earth in one year. Based on this empirical relation, and some other parameters It has been worked out in mathematical terms, what lies ahead for the human race if good sense remains elusive.

And what exactly is that `Good sense` that can save us from `Extinction` is captured and explained in simple language in one of the chapters of the book.

The philosophical model is strengthened still further with the idea that this universe of ours could be a Simulated Universe .. a kind of Quantum Computer that in fact computes its own behaviour.

In one of the chapters entitled “ SWITCHED ON .. Arguments for and against Simulation“             the subject of `Simulation` is discussed threadbare. In fact, it is a reproduction of an actual discussion that took place in response to a blog on Huffingtonpost, where `Yours truly` initiated the discussion and was one of the three who participated in the discussion.

Notwithstanding the fact that at the current level of our understanding it is impossible to establish the number of Aeons that preceded the current Aeon of the universe, and the manner in which  Simulation took place and under what mechanism could the constants of nature have been  implanted in the system that `Switched On` the big bang, the fact remains that the operation was hugely successful in creating an Eternal and everlasting universe (Aeon of) with life and consciousness evolving and flourishing in the galaxies.

Simulation or no simulation, we are now in a Universe which can last forever, where life and consciousness is evolving and flourishing in the galaxies, but unlikely to last beyond a certain length of time which is but an insignificant part of the total life of the universe.

All that is required now is to establish how the universe can make sense, and what can be that philosophical model that ensures permanent consciousness for us all.

Which is what I have endeavored to do in `Six Words`, `Intelligent Field` and `Bright Light In The Sky`.

Published by Naresh Sagar

Mentor MSME, Motivator, Media Event Org, Management fiscal & Water management.Social Media branding,Internet broadcasters,Propunder of Indian Philosophy

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