Taiwan records Japanese tourists

Taiwan welcomes record 2 million Japanese tourists in 2019. The 2 millionth visitor was a lady from Miyazaki on vacation with her family, who was given free hotel vouchers & high speed train tickets by our tourism bureau

Taiwan saw a record high of 11.84 million individuals visiting Taiwan in 2019, including a record number of visitors from Japan.

According to statistics released by the Tourism Bureau on Monday (Jan. 6), visitors from Japan surged past the 2 million mark for the first time. Over the same period, the average growth rate for the 18 countries targeted by the New Southbound Policy reached 6 percent.

The Tourism Bureau said that the 11.84 million visitors last year were 770,000 more than the 11.07 million seen in 2018, an overall growth rate of 7 percent. There were a total of 9.14 million non-Chinese tourists who visited the country last year, an increase of 9 percent over the 8.37 million who visited in 2018.

Tourism Bureau has attributed the country’s stellar performance in attracting visitors to two approaches: ramped up international marketing campaigns and cross-sector collaboration. Last year, Taiwan rolled out such incentives as charter flight subsidies, resulting in 38 flights from Japan and South Korea to Hualien in the fourth quarter alone.

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