Amazon Jeff Bezos visit to India

CAIT will stage protest against Amazon Founder Jeff Bezos visit to India tomorrow at 300 cities

The Confederation of All India Traders ( CAIT), apex body of more than 40 thousand trade Associations representing 7 crore traders across Country has reiterated its commitment to compel e commerce companies including Amazon & Flipkart to either comply with all provisions of FDI policy in letter & spirit or they have to wind up their business from India. The CAIT is the only vocal organisation against malpractices in e commerce and is heading a strong and aggressive nationwide wide agitation against Amazon & Flipkart since last more than three months.

Addressing a Press Conference at New Delhi today, CAIT Secretary General Mr Praveen Khandelwal while appreciating the order of Competition Commission of India (CCI) given yesterday for investing each allegation levelled by CAIT with the Government and at various forums, said that for the first time some concrete step has been taken against Amazon & Flipkart who are continuously violating the FDI policy in indulging into a vicious racket of controlling and monopolising not only the e commerce but even the retail trade as well.

Mr Khandelwal said that order of CCI is given under section 26(1) of the Competition Act and since it is not appealable, there is no scope left for Amazon & Flipkart to avoid the investigation. Commenting upon the statements of both Amazon & Flipkart that they are complying with FDI policy, Mr Khandelwal questioned that than they should spell out how they are able to give huge discounts on their portals and inspite of huge losses every year how they are continuing with carrying business operations. It’s nothing but jugglery of figures and manipulative business model which has greatly destroyed and devastated the retail trade of India that resulted into closure of thousands of mobile and other shops all over the Country. Earlier the CCI in its market study report recommended self regulation & transparency by Amazon & Flipkart which was bitterly opposed by CAIT with a logic that the said recommendations of CCI amply establish the fact that business model of both companies are indulging into some kind of serious violations and CAIT demanded that what is preventing CCI to take action against these offenders.

Mr Khandelwal said that 7 crore traders and their families have been extremely adversely affected due to the predatory & malafide business practices of Amazon & Flipkart. They are economic terrorists who are out to destabilise the livelihoods of small retailers and plunder our nation by avoiding GST and Income Tax. They have not left any stone unturned to violate the sacrosanct FDI Laws and every possible opportunity to circumvent the rules for their ulterior motives. Amazon & Flipkart’s business model is a breach of every competition law. As a marketplace model they were supposed to empower the small traders but their functioning has infact wiped out small traders out of business who are today struggling for basic livelihood. Deep discounting and selling below the costs is a malaise that needs to be eradicated from the economy and if this malaise cannot be eradicated then it’s time that both Amazon & Flipkart must be shown the exit door from India.

Mr Khandelwal further said that Amazon & Flipkart have caused huge GST and Income Tax revenue loss to the Government and  CAIT will soon meet Finance Minister Mrs Nirmala Sitharaman and urged her to institute a investigation into avoidance of GST and Income Tax liability on both Amazon & Flipkart .

The visit of Jeff Bezos, Amazon Founder tomorrow to India will be greeted with strong protest from traders across Country in about 300 cities. The protest at New Delhi will be held at Jantar Mantar .

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