Nepal, India and the Himalayan Connectivity Challenge

Foreign Policy & Security Seminar

Nepal, India and the Himalayan Connectivity Challenge

Tuesday, January 21, 2020, 4:00 pm – 5:30 pm

Brookings India, No. 6, Second Floor, Dr. Jose P. Rizal Marg, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi

Nepal’s great advantage is its location between India and China, particularly now as these two Asian giants are set to be the world’s leading economies in 2050. In his new book, Sujeev Shakya analyses economic, political and cultural factors shaping Nepal’s future and how the country can capitalize on its central location in the Himalayas. With the Belt and Road Initiative and other Indo-Pacific connectivity initiatives taking shape, how will Nepal balance its various options to maximize its development? Can Kathmandu afford to follow the principle of neutralism and equidistance between Beijing and Delhi? And how should India recalibrate its approach to Nepal as part of its Neighbourhood First policy and the recent Mussoorie resolution?

To address these questions and discuss the changing geo-economics in Nepal and the Himalayan region, I am pleased to invite you to Brookings India’s Foreign Policy & Security Seminar on Mr. Sujeev Shakya’s recently published book, Unleashing the Vajra.


4:00 pm    Welcome remarks by Constantino Xavier, Fellow, Brookings India

4:05 pm    Presentation by Sujeev Shakya on his book, Unleashing the Vajra

4:25 pm    Panel discussion:

Akansha Shah, Columnist, Nepali Times

Chandan Sapkota, Senior Fellow, Nepal Economic Forum

Mahendra Lama, Senior Professor of South Asian Economics, Jawaharlal Nehru University, and India’s Nominee in the Eminent Persons Group (EPG) on Nepal-India Relations

Sujeev Shakya, Chairman, Nepal Economic Forum, and Founder CEO, beed management pvt. ltd.

ModeratorConstantino Xavier

5:00 pm    Q&A

5:30 pm    Concluding remarks

Mr. Sujeev Shakya is Chairman, Nepal Economic Forum, and Founder CEO of beed management private limited, an international management consulting and advisory firm. He writes and speaks extensively on business, economy, leadership and development. A popular columnist, he is also author of Unleashing Nepal (2009).

This discussion will be open to the press and is on-the-record. All participants are requested to register their attendance with Nitika Nayar at

We look forward to seeing you at Brookings India.


Constantino Xavier

Dr. Constantino Xavier

Fellow, Foreign Policy

BROOKINGS INDIA | Quality, Independence, Impact

No.6, 2nd Floor, Dr. Jose P Rizal Marg, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi – 110021, India | @constantinox

Directions: The Brookings India address is 6 Dr. Jose P. Rizal Marg, 2nd Floor, Chanakyapuri. The office can be found on Google Maps at

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